Finding Igor Štefanov Finding: A & # 39; get into jail

The SR High Court confirmed the week on Thursday in a case called the murder tender of the offender by the ministers in the construction and development of Marián Janušek and Igor Štefanov. 11 year old Yanukovych, which is less than a year earlier than the Special Criminal Court, should have been punished and Stefanov had been in the first place for nine years. They received both financial penalties of € 30,000 and a five year ban in a public office. The court decision is valid.

According to the Appeals Court, Mr and Mr Stefano are guilty of having created a contractor for a previously selected tairger in the public service delivery mode and made it impossible for other competitors to take part. "Public provision was just fake," the chairman of the Sinn Féin explained that he explained everything as a puppet theater. Despite the fact that a & # 39; In fact, the service service was not more than three billion dollars (more than 97 million euros) even on the wall.

The winning partnership, according to Juraj Klimet, chairman of the Seán, was set up just a few months before the sale was purchased, and never participated. The defenders have been promoting their partnership; fighting public procurement regulations and the cause of the state caused serious damage. In particular, Janěšek and Štefanov made public provision and public service branches and Yanukovych, at the time of a minister, also abolished the authority of a public officer.

The case occurred in 2007. Then the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development published a notice of advertising services worth 3.6 billion bills in a limited way. Only one consortium of the offer, which won later. The two ministers of the CIS stood the chairman gradually, first Janěšek and later Štefanova, who replaced him. An application was subsequently deferred, but the consortium was completed to earn more than three million euros.

Protecting the First Minister of Building

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

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