For the Tetran trip to their famine. Confidentiality and truths from Kežmarský Castle

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November 20, 2018 at 9:18 AM TASR

KEŽMAROK. Myths and legends come from time to time to castles and not only Kežmarský Castle.

Beata Laska was a prisoner because she had chosen to go to High Tatras as a tourist.

This unlawfully released her husband's legacy a few years ago, so she had to shut her in the marsh.

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Amazing trip to Tatier

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Erika Cintulova, director of the Kežmarok Museum, confirmed that this story about the castle is very helpful in its incentive, and in particular the Polish tourists are familiar with the story.

"Beate, when she reached Kežmarok, was fascinating by the beauty of Tatier nearby, but her husband pulled her amazing to those hills, and Albert had an interest, so Mrs. Laska Tatier only selected with The Burgesses of Kezmaric – maybe go to the Blue Member. "Ms. Laska has had a lot of love in this area, and traveled to the mountains for Pentecost in 1565, along with many of the people; town, "said historian Nora Baráth.

Good dissertation

Blessed, on that confidence, which was deemed therefore misleading, was paid.

Her husband had been thinking about how she would get her house, and at the same time she had a get rid of her 20-year-old woman.

The tax paper also says that when the # blamed her against the moral principles, her husband gave her closing to the tower of the treasure of her castle.

"She had been in the room in the garden where the Tatras was spotted at one window and the other window was fed, and it was six years," said Barath.

The legends may not be true of the truth

Cintul said in this context that some of these stories have a different knowledge.

Albert had to go on a trip, he did not prove that they were in a hurry. Going to the Green Bill, and there was not even need to be locked in the tower.

"She could move around her castle, but she could not meet anyone, and this alone caused her to go out," said the director.

The Museum's art historian in Kežmarok Maroš Semančík said the fact that Beate is not about Beate is just a part.

The main reasons why it was reported on books that town in Kežmarok and their records were often changed in relationship between owner and castle and town of Kezmarok.

"One of the recordings in the homebook that they went together for the trip to Snow Mountains. The next man says that she has gone alone with the burglars. Even those resources are & # 39; spread, "said Semančík.

Good lost

Beata Laska was practically maintained until she died. However, the ideas where she died today are also different.

"According to our sources, she died in the hospital for sick people in Kosice, the Poles repeat that she returned to Poland and died there," added Cintulova.

Likewise, she must have a difficult result to affect her daughter's daughter, who would have to put her mask for her jealousy.

Ultimately Albert Lasky took possession of the property and eventually lost the Kežmarský castle.

The new owner, Ferdinand Rueber, was the Beatu Lasku in addition to his castle.

"It seems that it has been widely distributed and educated, and only from classic women's activities that were similar to this time, put itself apart from politics and the current situation," Cintul wants.

"Who was only with Ms Laska to Tatier? Only the traders – the school's well-known Kevinmarok school staff did not have the opportunity to have a high school visiting Central Middle East at that high level? There was a lot of resources in the school, which was also a lecturer on natural sciences, so it's not surprising that college students and students would be able to & "Evaluation and collection of minerals in Tatier, and we never know the truth," Baratha decided.

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