Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops 4! Apex Stories come

How do we get the first games in the game?

Shinty, astonishment and difficulty. Maybe I have to identify my feelings; When I was reporting Apex Legends. The wonder of its game has to be released and released rapidly, it is surprising that EA wants to stimulate two Battle Royale players at the same time and fear that we can not get Titanfall 3 .

But what's in a & # 39; game? Are you afraid of Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops? Has the game ever been in this world and can not be demolished immediately? 12 matches I have my mind.

  • I enjoyed it very much news style and game distribution. You rarely watch a dealer short and the developer tells you that you can play the game right now. It works. How Electronic Electronics did, which invaded influences to try to & # 39; game for about a week before the release and release, and being played all night at night, and as a result, Twitch saw a half million million games.
  • Respawn also said 8 hours after the release, the game had 1 million players, which is a bad start, but it's also a free-play game, and so it's a lot of things.
  • The game is not a pure PUBG or Fortnite plugin. On the other hand, developers have a diverse perspective, because there are 8 heroes with a game and each has a single active, one-off, one endeavor, and has a great impact. Each group can choose a different character, but can combine their skills to & # 39; win or play a game.
  • game It does not allow play alone and self-functioning; connect with players in the corridor to groups of three. It could complete with a complete failure, but it did not finish. Because the game is delivered Perhaps the best way of non-verbal communication I have seen. As soon as you & # 39; start a nursery, you can tell the named player that is the responsibility of the jump to jump-up, you can propose the "situation" of the enemy, where you can go further or identify interesting signs . This will make the game even accessible if you do not have two other dimensions to play.
  • The redevelopment of the initiatives is a FPS multi-player design. Why? For everything it has an order and meaning. That's why Blackoute is disturbing Black Ops. 4. The whole method came to me as if you had caught Call of Duty as it is, which drew the map and mixed it together without being able to. giving or issuing any meaning. Unity of map design, game mechanics, and gameplay. Compared to that, Respawn has already been confirmed by Titanfall 2 that he is a master. And it is affirmed in Apex. Not just the media mentioned above for non-verbal communication, but also that the entire map has a good engineering and all a game device that uses design elements. Roos for rapid shift, allowing faster fire to gun, a & # 39; Driving walls because he would not make sense of this map. Everything is not enough, but it does show that the developer is responsible for having a & # 39; gives good play experience.
  • Developers also give me advice, they are sending back enemies killed during a while; game. It works until a member of your team is killed and you can get your index, you can get a sign of dogs and get it to their; a lighthouse renovation that will return to its game. This appraisal puts pressure on team co-operation and its focus; allows you to save the situation without hope.
  • If you played Titanfall 2, you will be here at home. Equalism is the same or equivalent and a collection of assets will be used directly from this game. And just outside the Titanan, and wallpaper is also playing. In fact, weapons were uneven to take more attention to a larger map. Anyway, I want to say if you feel like a fish in the water; playing Titanfall, you'll feel like that.
  • The basis for playing is similar to the other Battle Royale games. Get a place where a person does not worry, a & # 39; browsing the environment, weapons and equipment collection, and # 39; guide the inveter and move to a humid environment. At the same time, however, the game will add a high level reduction below, which is; Attracting many teams and generating a regular battle.
  • Respawn shows that the number of players is not important, due to map size, the game with 60 players works well. It offers an appropriate ratio between a & # 39; find the seafront and nearest plugs, and deserve their recommendation.
  • The studio was introduced just after the game was released plan support for the closest time, which is good. Such "road labels" are many of the reviews, and it's good not earned money quickly and suspects; in Respawnu.

  • Although I do not like it, I must say, Apex has the most clear games. The screen clearly tells you how it is likely to find specific prices, and also prompts you to get something amazing in every 30 packages, and that the lootboxes do not appear; Supports doubles, which can not be said about some of the competitors. In addition, there is a classic Batnite Pass model at the Fortnite style game.
  • The game is series of medicine poems, which is reasonable, as the game is free of charge. The number of factors must affect the quality. But it might have been expected.
  • Really willing, it's not out. The game looks great today, but you did not fall out of her lap.
  • All PCs and consulates have good account management, and valued by developers.
  • What I really like is, The game has no big pests. Yes, once and then; I unlocked its game because of server problems, but as it was displayed as an exhibition. Their game has no technical difficulties compared to PUBG, who are unaware of how to get a good message after more than a year.
  • Web code games some books ahead of Black Ops 4

TL; DR: I'm feeling that the Battle Royale market is crying out. The game is free and in my opinion, currently in a better format than the PUBG about Blackout, not to mention. But whether they should keep players and attract others to the reach of developers. It is still an exhibition, but we will see how it goes further.

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