Fusko to Fialkov's Session: I hope this general chance won

Banská Bystrica, November 19 (TASR) – The legal law of GARANT PARTNER means that the Slovakian Biathlon Union is in Pauline and Ivone Fialka's nurses. Breach of the law on Sport and his right to represent Sacaka, Tomas Fusko, President of SZB, has responded.

He did not change and emphasize his opinion; Previously in relation to recording a & # 39; contract for preserving the representation of state sports both Biathlonists: "I hope this general climate will win. "

"If I did not believe everything was settled, I can not do the union leader,"he said. "There's only a dispute, there are errors in the system, people's attitudes, athletes, lawyers, the environment, parents, have a lot of information about gathering, I need to process, but I'm hopeful and I believe that there is a general benefit to win, sport, and we can do with the athletes that we have built, which are all of our sports shoe, stand up in a snapshot with the aim that pleasure is still, as before the previous Olympics. "

According to the law firm's opinion, the sports spokesperson should judge his / her; whole case. "I can not say anything about it, the investigator's duty is always in law, and I just hope everyone who has an idea here to meet behind a round record and find a reasonable resolution, from which I can say I'm ready to negotiate The beginning of the season and World Cup is coming, I do not want to be able to Take into account what's happening, what happens or not, Today you can solve a lot of things in 20 minutes, and we all understand that the time is going to be work quickly, constructively and for benefit, but not so, someone will play with the most time to tell,"said Fusko.

Throughout the argument, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) can not enter, as said by IBU Ivor Lehotian. "It is a case that is causing concern to the national consortium only because IBU does not block national conferences and athletes. It is important for us to have a symbolic switchover named by the IBU declaration, so they indicate that they will fight against drugs, the IBU Regulations, and marketing regulations. At this time, every World Cup Skeletal athlete will have the right to start. "

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