Gender in Town No. 3? The unlikely problem with a loving couple

We have all been waiting unhealthy for any information about the third part of the Nature in the City for the past two years. So, when the fall of 2017 passed, we were very much on our preparations, but it seems that we have been protected from seriously aware …

Regardless of a series or a sequence of films, Gender in the city is a cause, who won millions of women all over the world. The Stunning Stories of four friends – their daily life, job challenges, but friendship problems and everyone in a home that does not sleep. Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, and New York A very good combination and a good foundation for any television project.

Linear philosophy

The character of the town, similar to other romantic rows, focuses not only on the relationships of the main characters, but also to the relative of its relationship; which is the main task of its entirety. In fact, the spectators were so interesting, but only His relationship is from the death of Carrie Bradshaw and the Lord of God.

After the sixth row, they had a happy ending and, despite the difficulties in the next two films, they got to save their love. The fans were, of course, interested in the product of these cards for this couple, and what they are doing. happening in the life of Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Carrie and Lord of God

Carrie and Lord of God

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Gender in town 3?

But all expectations were reduced when Kim Cattral's name, Samantha did, said he is not interested in hunting the next species of continuity in the town. Although she thought she had a place to move on her character, she found information about her struggle with Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) and finally the actresses publicly "hidden" with interesting features and he was after the film.

However, according to the latest news that came to the US media, it would be difficult for a third film to make the third film, so it's good not to give the world light. The screen of the sequence was to come to Sex in the City at the beginning of the film death of the Lord of God. He should die for a heart attack and focus on the movie on Carrie, in fact, thanks for support and support loyal relatives.

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