Gossip with Geisberg († 64) without chest: Where was my wife?

Uncommon situation! The actor Marián Geišberga († 64), who suffered from lung cancer, came into the Slovenian National Theater on Sunday to honor many deaf guests. Through the artist's memory, they overwhelmed the feelings of his colleagues who, in the worship of the divine scene, were hit into tears' streams.

His family was not crying though Anina's widow (64) had a while; Examining eyes with many eyes. However, none of the coffins with Geišberg remains would be taken down. She was missing on the stage …

Slovakia met Marián Geišberg († 64), who died nine days ago, at 11 o'clock. The theater scene has reached the final place. The spectacular guests watched the two great artists of the artist and the wreaths underneath. There was no coffin in a memorial.

"Miško Dočolomanský also had mood maths," said Izabela Pažítková, secretary of the SND. "The family is getting Marián in a narrow, where and when, I do not know," said Frantisek Kovar's actor to New Time. Geisberg colleagues, in their words, were raised about an art design. "Usually, Marosko, I'm scared we did not meet what we promised. We promised to go into the first crop, and we joined you with Bošács and I was in Devin," said Jozef Vajda with his neck .

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"Now I know I need to turn the peirs myself," said Vajda. There were also several waves of laughter, when co-worker Peter Simun concluded his humorous comic with a friend. "We were poor students, so I sent you a marriage. When the pictures were called, it was dark. Then he told his father:" But I have a friend , "said Shimun, and for a minute he smiled at the face of his colleagues.

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No widow?

Tears came across Zdena Studenkova, Tani Pauhofova and other actors. The people who cracked on sat on. podium Kamila Magalova, who knew Marián in private, had a heavy penalty and an empty heart. Throughout the hour the actors send a voice in a & # 39; poem poems of each dors. The court that was thrown a few minutes to heaven began.

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So, Martin and Marek and the women were convicted of the son of Geisberg. Many of them looked at Aine's wife, who was told each time in the speeches. The new time faced a number of familiar faces and did not see his / her widow at the memories. They had negative or did not know. "Anna never went on for publicity, maybe she just dropped somewhere between the audience," closed our store.

Marián Geišberg († 64)

* 23 December 1953
† 10 November 2018

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