Harabina is for punishing Lališa mafia (podcast)

Speaker of the Supreme Court of Slovak Republic, Daniela Švecová, further complained of Štefan Harabin – to try to convince Mafia boss, Robert Lališ alias Kýbl to scratch.

The leader of the Mafia Sýkorovcov group, Róbert Lališ, was killed for 6 murders. However, the conviction was only amended by the Senate – until other judges would vote for Stefan Harabin, which General Lališov removed from the previous sentence.

The head of the Czech Republic High Court has now filed a motion for a disciplinary complaint Stephen Harabin – no, he thinks, attempts to counter the opposition against Lališ just before the sentence . Harabin believes he will help him in the president's campaign. AKO's latest research is third, it's 10 per cent.


Stefan Harabin, judge of the High Court of Slovak Republic

Alexandra Vazanova, Speaker of the SR SR

Zuzana Wienk, Play Fair Alliance

Katarína Javorčíková, Association of Judgments for open court

Pavol Babos, a politician

She is hosted by Peter Hanák.

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