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Ľubomír Višňovský, Miroslav Šatan, Ján Lašák

Le Ľubomír Višňovský, Miroslav Šatan and Jan Lašák at the press release before the exhibition.

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It's taking part in a gold showcase; Gold medal has promised more gold, silver and bronze medals from the World Cup.

The main traffic is the best filling of a career post
Miroslav Šatana. The live tale will be officially published during the event
to Siena of Glory SZHH.

Twenty years and four years old that was once a conflict and now a general
a Slovak representative manager is a symbolic role with a rich career
18 December 2018 at 18.00 at the Ondrej Nepel Winter Stadium
in Bratislava, and played a third for 18 minutes.

"The idea was created two years ago, three years ago, but Ľubo Višňovský previously gave me
two years ago, so we put off. Then we talked about it
sometimes in spring, and how the stadium was rebuilt in the summer,
we have made a decision for this pre-Christmas day. It's my thighs
I play, not hockey, because I want to give my knowledge
more. My wish is to meet every boy again,
with which we have shared souvenirs internationally.
I want to play a good hockey from our hearts and visit the team at the same time
fans, "said" silent slaughter "by 18 th on Tuesday jersey
News conference.

Betting partners in the Ján Lašák game, Rastislav
Tin, protectors Radoslav Hecl, Martin Štrbák, Dušan Milo, Ľubomír
Višňovský, Richard Lintner, Ľubomír Sekeráš, Ivan Droppa, Radoslav
Suchý, Peter Podhradský and from strikers like Branko Radivojevič,
Patrick Bondra, Jozef Stümpel, Rastislav Pavlikovsky, Ladislav Nagy, Radovan
Somík, Michal Handzus, Richard Kapus, and Ľubomír Vaic.

"One of the coaches Ján Filc, I sent to Marián Hossu and also
if he does not play, he can also appear on the alternator.
Zigo Palfy told me that he still needs a week to think,
but I'd like to see it there, "said Watson.

The captain took world globes from Gothenburg 2002 a Czech guardian was also invited
Dominika Hasek, who has not yet spoken, and who is considering some
other foreign players. In the first row, however, it will be a meeting
teams from a Slovak republic.

"When we have a final list, let us know who it plays and
all other details. It should be about two weeks before the action, "
he said.

"Tapadh leat, Mira, for being named. I hope not to think,
As a general director he has a lot of knowledge now. Who else
he is worthy of such a farewell, if I do not look. I have played such a game
two years ago and they were handsome feelings. I believe Miro will remember and
giving you good goals, "said Višňovský.

"I'm very pleased too, I think it'll be a big sport
space and event, I think you're happy at our air
in the sitting room, "said Lašák.

SATana launched to Siena of Glory has already been approved by SALW, officially, happening
during the show. "As our last person, we included Hocaidh Fame Hall
In 2014, Zdena Ciger, and on the 18th of December, it is right for us to enter
the most successful captain of Miroslav Šatan, "said the president
SZHH Martin Kohút.

During the event, the letters of OC Meadhan will also be held. Interested people can
Buy tickets for a game at www.ticketmedia.sk, the official site
The event is www.miroslavsatan.sk.
Tickets from the sale of tickets will be used for projects with the Miroslava Foundation
Shawl who has been helping children since 2002.

Shatan ended his post in 2014 after a World Championship in Minsk, he is a recorder
in the number of the goals set out in Slovakic representation, in their games
He gave 86. His four medals won the SR at the World Cup
in the history of independence. In 2009, he won with Pittsburgh Penguins
Stanley Cup.

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