Ikea launches furniture. The pilot project will be launched in Switzerland

Ikea looks for new ways to buyers.

Furnishing maker in Sweden has offered a decision for rent. You can rent a new kitchen and in a while you can return to Switzerland this month.

"Instead of removing the furniture, we can rebuild, sell it and expand its life," said the director between IKEA Group, Torbjorn Loof, to the Financial Times.

At the same time, he said that this evaluation project is part of its company work to develop a business model. It will be based not only on sale, but also to re-use furniture components in creating new ones.

The company also has a & # 39; Trying to reduce the 15% climate change, in full terms, which would result in the growth of 2030, reducing 70% emissions for each product.

Find out if there's something like it's & # 39; Also considering in Slobhaia, representatives from Bratislava's shop did not respond directly. However, they reminded that they are already working with projects in support of the distribution economy.

For example, this is the Rehabilitation department that is responsible for repairing and removing material damaged by transport, exposure or treatment.

"Last year, we launched the second Life Buildings campaign, which allows customers to bring the old furniture to the IKEA department store and sell it to other customers for a lower price. Every day, we get 4 offers and we sold it to the new owner for around a day, "said Zuzana Janova, PR Manager for PR News.

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