In the field at the Danube Stream, they found two groups, people suffering from their & # 39; Gang collection

Explore the cops for the field at Little Daggers for a month. They also used digging excavations.

The police found the body of two unidentified dead people in the town of Malé Dvorníky near Dunajska Streda. Today, Jojo gave a statement that the police had been searching for a month and his / her; related to the megaprocess of the raiders.

Instead they were dredging with dragons, one of the exam defenders, Juraj B., who was to accept some of his activities, he said. The process will continue tomorrow at the next hearing.

According to TV Joj, it may be a corporate prophecy of murdering white horses. Šátorovci used the site of the old company in Côtef in the Danube Strede as a mafia cemetery for the inconvenient.

So far, even the body of Lajos Sátora, a brutal murder of Gang Gann's Danubian of the Pafayans, was not found. According to previously unconfirmed information, Sátor could go up in the # 39; excavation leaflet excavated. However, the ruins should be excavated and moved to another plot.

Iain Kuciak murder

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