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In the future, the police could give guidance to steal a devolution car from a distance

The current police is being tested by the Dutch police in collaboration with key car manufacturers.

According to its concept; At present, future police officers could have control of the devolution chariot that was stolen at your fingers. As TheNextWeb portal said, they would be transported safely to the nearest police station.

The vehicle will be locked throughout the drive. If the thief was still in the car at that time, he did not; He can find out after he arrived at police.

Our car wheels will again bring forward emergency information. But we still have to wait.

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According to the Director of Innovation with the Dutch Poetry Hans Schönfeld, that situation is closer than it would be like. Under his leadership, he is currently testing his / her; Ideas with a series of tests that he works with car manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, Mercedes and Toyota.

"We are working on this with the maintenance tools because this information is also valuable to us. If we can cut their cars, someone else can do it," said Schönfeld.

Little steps to a safer future

It's a long-term case for years to send & # 39; concept needed. At this time there is no complete vehicle on the road. However, transport is changing rapidly and police forces expect to keep pace with the latest trends.

General Motors presented 17 models in 2009 with a special change that turned the engine into the stolen car carefully. Existing current vehicles also have a driving data collection, which can be useful, for example, in relation to traffic accident surveys.

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