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Increased isolation, feeling, and money from Direction to end – Diary N

When a candidate spoke to the Maroš Šefčovič Guidance about the outcome of the first round of elections on Saturday, it was more powerful than before. The difference between him and Zuzana Čaputová was huge – she lost 470,000 votes behind and knew that there was a impossible job ahead of him.

The second round was to win half a million new voters if even Čaputová had even more votes.

Before the second round, there was no really important sense, instead of breaking down feelings.

Recall: I asked for Money

In his campaign, Šefčovič stressed that it was an independent advocate – although he received Ministerial signatures that the party had contributed to the campaign, and that the website,, had been unsuccessful. was also recorded for Guidance.

On Wednesday – the day before the moratorium started – Šefčovič asked for more money for the campaign.

His leadership sent him to his account on Wednesday, 27 March, 230,000. A further 100,000 brought it as a third party for the campaign.

“To keep the program informed, I wanted to expand my campaign,” said Šefčovič on Facebook. “Firstly I was looking for additional resources from my friends and supporters but after media coverage such as Journal N and Transparency International Slovakia, I have begun to speak hard to everyone who has given me So, I decided to defend it, so I asked Smer-SD to join the campaign, I thank her for her support, ”wrote Šefčovič.

At the same time, he wrote that Čaputová has a more expensive campaign.

Where in the Šefčovič-related campaign: he played for the party's MDŽ party, led by Robert Fico. For example, a spokesperson for the direction of Jan Mažgút, the Directed Director, was retired from the transparent account Šefčovič of 65,000 before the first visit. On the eve of Maroš Šefčovič, the media adviser at Fico Michal Hlaváč, in the debate over the magazine N was in the warrior Marián Bednár, who held the same post for Fico until he died. Then they worked for Peter Pellegrini.

The money for the campaign from the political party was given to Zuzana Čaputová – from Progressive Slovakia, where she presided over last week. The party has spent approximately 230,000 on their campaign last summer.

Maroš Šefčovič debated Denník N. photo N – Vladimír Šimíček

Gifts from the ministry and colleagues

Shortly before the second round, Šefčovič also received special gifts worth 22,000. According to Transparency International, the main exercise in his account Šefčovič account for the entire campaign.

“Interestingly, three donations from the Labor Division led by the former Treasurer of the Management Jan Richter: € 3,000 donated by Labor Director Danica Lehocká, 5000 Director of Labor Market Policy Katarína Lanáková and € 1000 Labor Office Director in Trenčín Ján Gramata, “Founded. Lehocká is also a local Smer politician, recently joining Vice President Shale, and the other gifts from Shale.

Just before the second visit to Šefčovič of 10,000 state secretaries for the Labor Ministry for the Management of Branislav Ondruš, which has very good relations with Lehocka.

Current or previous committees made a major contribution to Šefčovič. The head of his office, Juraj Nociar, added 30,000 from the old chauffeur and his husband, who works as the "home administrator, keeper, driver" of a Roman Pagorný according to his side book. T of the Ministry.

The TV Markíza was also interested in the gift. When asked about the gift of Podhorny's wife, Beáit, who is a helper Šefčovičová, she wrote: “When I decide whether to support my long-term headteacher as President of Republic I did not trouble a second person with my husband, and I am sorry if I could contribute more than I could have, so I would do. "

N newspaper sent an e-mail to Podhorna, and could not find information for other contributors.

This article is a collection of special results for Dennik N.

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