Instagram has been inspired by some users' password

Users have already been involved in Instagram and have been configured to & # 39; food that caused the loss of password.

Instagram looks at a bad security event that affects the words of some users. According to the company's spokesman, the security bug was found inside and he describes "a minimum number of people". Initially published The report.

The bag was released in the device that gave Instagram its users in April last year in connection with the implementation of policies related to the GDPR. It is a device that allows people to download all media and all the information collected by the Users Instagram. Some users who use this feature may have a password for the account included in a special browser URL, which means a security risk, to especially for shared computers in the school, workplace, and so on. In addition, those passwords were also stored on Facebook users, who are Instagram's parents, for an unknown purpose.

According to the information security analysis, such message messages are not achievable if the operator is invested in classical, uncrypted text. However, this argument was rejected by the Instagram spokesman and argued that his / her company had encrypted all passwords.

At this time, Instagram has now been erased and users have been notified of the need to change their password. If you have not used a device to download Instagram data in the past few months, or if Instagram has not warned you of the need to edit your password in the past, you should not your password to be released.

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