It is a personal partnership that is a new campaign for cancer fighting

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Geneva / New York on 4 February (TASR) – A new issue with the International Union for the Contest Against Cancer (UICC) on Som's topic and I (#IAmAndIWill). As the Anti-Cancer World-wide website, which runs on February 4, will continue, this campaign will start this year and will run until 2021. Whatever the one is, , you have the ability to reduce your cancer access, they love you and the planet.

The #IAmAndIWill initiative requires an inspiring activity that encourages individual and personal personal participation; representing his talent today to get involved in the anti-cancer struggle, with its future impact, said the three-year portal.

In 2018, 9.6 million cancer died, with 13.2 million people by 2030. That is why a new three-year campaign, published on 4 February, 2019, aims to encourage personal commitment to the struggle Against cancer, website.

World Cancer Day has been an annual event with the International Union for Cancer Check (UICC), the International Cancer Research Center (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

World's Day of Birth for Cancer – 4 February – its relevance to a # 39; The Convention of the Convention for the Protection of Patients for the World Cup Against Cancer Collection, which took place in 2000 in the mainland of France and known as the Treaty Against Cancer. Represented by President Jacques Chirac for France, and Secretary General of the United Nations UNESCO, Koičiro Macuura, he named him in Seine. The "French oncologist David Khayat" is the "father" of the Paris Cainse Charter as the document established for the fight against this disease. Cancer experts around the world supported his early efforts. Professor Khayat, from Tuna, wants to go to; Increase and improve accessibility and quality of healthcare provided to patients with cancer through the Charter of Student Patient Contract as an international contract.

Cancer is a general term that is related to a disease that is a? affect any part of the human body. The disease causes a bad tumor (hence the word "disease illness"), which is characterized by devolution growth by destroying the surrounding devices and the requirements for metastasis.

Across the world, the most common people – for men and the number of deaths around the world – lungs, stomach, liver, alkaline and cancer prostain. Breast women are, lungs, stomach, collar, and uterine cervical right and cervix.

The main causes of cancer in the world include smoking, which causes lung, neck, mouth, pancreas, clothing, stomach and cancer. Passive smoking is dangerous, thus including smoky air with people who do not. smoking. Other dangerous factors include, for example, increased pressure and obesity, unprotected fruit and vegetables, unoccupied movement or unoccupied lifestyle, drinking alcohol or pollution in urban areas.

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