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Ivan Štefunko will bring advanced Slochdia dominance

President Ivan Štefunko today announced that he will not run for the position of chair of the political party that he set up at the next meeting.

Following the election of the new President of the Parliament Zuzana Čaputová from the Advanced Slovak Command (PS), Ivan Štefunko will end the party's head.

See how Štefunko has stated that he will not be chair of PS anymore:

Health problems

“I have had three brain activities and a party that is 100% healthy should lead the party,” said Stefunko, saying he will no longer run for party leadership. The current president is the only president of the party. He is the Vice President PS Michal Truban.

Štefunko ensures that Truban is the new chair of a party. “It's the biggest challenge I've ever had on my life and I'm taking a whole humatiation that,” said Truban, the former head of Websupport, and in February she was sold to a large investment company. T Axcel's national reserve for millions of euros.

The party's foundation was also announced by the outgoing president, Andrej Kiska. The possibility of co-operating between the PS, the Party and the new Kisk Party, was discussed with us for a time. No progress is being made against co-operation, but Truban did not explain more.

The party's dream takes place on 8 May

According to Štefunek, people wish to change the “content rather than quarrels” policy. "I don't lie. The important person, Zuzana Čaputová, needs a debate about how best to prepare for parliamentary elections," said the party's chairman.

The progress was planned in the autumn. They are now calling on the Bratislava on 8 May. This is demonstrated by government crisis and in the political part of the host.

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