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José Mourinha will join the new club. We cannot afford to pay, the president will reply

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The Portuguese coach José Mourinho has been out of work since 18 December last year when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced a Manchester United bench. Since then, there has been some estimate of the time the 56-year director will go back to action. They all think which club is involved.

The name José Mourinho has been associated with Real Madrid for some time but priority was given to Zinedine Zidane. At the end of March he said he would return to coaching work in the summer from the new season.

The end of the current issue is getting close, and with it, debates behind the scenes about what is happening with "The Special One" is also opening. The rumor spread that he was involved with the French Ligue 1 clubs even worse when the writer Entreprenendre José Mourhin got it at Lyons airport on Tuesday morning.

The local Olympics president Jean-Michel Aulas is not content with the current coach Bruno Génési, and he is making an effort to cater for the individual as well. his centers. One of the conditions for the successful expansion of the tour is the unsuccessful final of the Coupe de France Cup final.

“Unfortunately, we are not in the finals. The decision will be at the end of the season. Thank you Bruno. He had a lot of matches, he was concealed and had respect for the contract, ”said Olympique Lyon president a few days ago to navigate the current ship.

About the Olympique Lyon – José Mourinho was written in France a week ago but then Jean-Michel Aulas refused it. The surprise was that there was a Portuguese assistant at St-Exupéry airport.

"I can consider myself as a Ligue coach 1," former Porta player Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid or Manchester United said some bein Sports for a while “I am a man who worked in four different countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures. Working in a new league tournament would be great. ”

It was not long before French journalists came to the light of the world with the advert that it was the League's seventh most complete goal, seven times hero in France. But President Jean-Michel Aulas refused to speak to Lithuania: “We met in Moscow last year, we talked a bit, but not about coming to Lyon. "The Special One" is not compatible with our economic truth. "

José Mourinho is not the only coach behind the scenes with Les Gones. A club's president said on RMC Sport: t “We always listen to coaches who come to Lyon. I'm excited. There was already a big French coach who was steering Paris Saint-Germain. And now he also talks about the great Portuguese warden, who was previously a Manchester United coach. I've heard a lot about new Lyon coaches already. We will not discuss with other managers in the future. ”

It is therefore impossible to explain to José Mourhin in Lyon.

There is seven sections before the end of the league season with a Olympique Lyonnais with a five point point on the second Lille OSC and six points ahead of our fourth AS-Étienne. In the coming season, he should start his European tour of the Champions League. Other than Ligue 1, no Olympique Lyon is in any other competition.



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