Katka Koščová, Daniel Špiner and Martin Geisberg … three names that dedicate special knowledge

BBonline.sk (Anna Gudzová), picture – Vlastimil Slávik, Mikuláš Štec and archive | 11/17/2018

Tickets competition: Katka Koščová, Daniel Špiner and Martin Geišberg … three names that provide specific information

Shortly after a Theater Family Show, as Katka Koščová by Martin Geisberg and Dan Spinner, Katka Koščová will stand on the platform of this consistent cultural place. There will be no prievan there. The very pleasant wind, soul.

Katka Koščová will return to Kulturák after five months. Last year she spent a June concert at her Mickin Ditch in June 2018, in a very good company of Geisbergs songwriters and the Dan Spinner keyboard. After many concerts, the co-operation of Katka Koščová, Martin Geisberg and Daniel Špiner's collaboration with new co-production.

In the spring of 2019, they expect to release CDs, so that they can hear new songs on a Harvesting Harvest tour and stop at Horni Miceine. In Kulturák there, Katka's poetry will also be in the canson of the author, the Danov jazz piano and the songwriting of Martin's unique songs.

The Katka Koščová, Martin Geisberg and Daniel Špiner Concert in Kulturák at Horní Mičinej will be held on Wednesday, November 21 at 8:00 pm.

You can arrange tickets online, but if you go to the competition, you can also win two tickets.

You can get a competition on BBonline.sk Facebook. The public support event received support from the Arts Support Fund.

COMPETITOR ❗Katka Koščová, Daniel Špiner and Martin Geišberg. Three names that warrant special knowledge. In …

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