Katka Koščová, Martin Geisberg and Daniel Špiner at Mičin Culture Center

Entertainers of good theater and music are already well-known that "things" are dramatic and musical. Also going on in Kulturák in Horni Micein, which is very valuable and audible.

November 2018 at 9:03. Anna Gudzová

HORNÁ MIČINÁ. After five months, Katka Koščová will return to Hornomičinský Kulturák. Last year she spent a June concert at her Mickin Ditch in June 2018, in a very good company of Geisbergs songwriters and the Dan Spinner keyboard. After many concerts, the co-operation of Katka Koščová, Martin Geisberg and Daniel Špiner's collaboration with new co-production. In spring 2019, they expect to release CDs, so they are "tapping" new songs on a harvesting event. And on Wednesday, November 21st, they stopped at Horni Miceine! In Kulturak, Katkin's poetry will definitely have the author's canson, the Danov jazz pianist and the songwriting of Martin's unique songs.

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"Mičinský Kulturák is an incredible thing for me, in the most advanced way of the word. What Zuzka did for us at the beginning was on the banks of blessings … but beautiful. And what is Zuzka's? very enthusiastic and sorry. So Mičinský Kulturák sees how such an island is in fear, joy and complete aspirations as well as Donkichot's timeframe with mills -gaoithe, "said Katka Koščová and criticizing the Zuzana Kohútová team of the Civic Art Society on the Upper, who created a place from an unused cultural building, the listeners and the listeners are happy to return.

Katka Koščová, Daniel Špiner and Martin Geisberg. Three names that warrant special knowledge. Share music and words that love my heart. A concert in Culture will be a " start at 18:00

"Indeed, I do not know exactly how the concert will be on Wednesday. I think it's surprising to us on the stage as well. But at the same time I have a & Thinking that, while we are struggling to be happy and at the same time, we just want to find out what we give to our songs … ", says Katka Koščová, responding to a sad incident of the days when we talk to the well-known actor Marián Geišberg, who, along with his son Marek and Martin, has been He is often hosted to his concerts in recent years.

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