Kocian took over the production of Yemeni, but in the first place he lost his will

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The old coach of the Slovak Ján Kocian football team (2006-2008) took a positive force in the Middle East, Avizon over the Yemeni production.

"I signed the contract with the leader of Yemen Football Association (YFA) by the end of January 2019. My assistant Miloslav Brozek, for the last time I was in Bohemian Bohemia and Iimen's supporter and conservator from Egypt, "said a 60-year-old SITA coach (born 13 March 1958), located on the Yemen mountain in mid-October :

"I have been a little hindering, I started working with a team from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia from November 1. The 21-game setup and four keepers started, 12 football players who worked in combine foreign clubs at the time of societies. "

An old Seuslovakian producer and participating in the MS 1990 in Italy, where he participated in the team's advance in a world final show, has already been a main view of the & # 39; Yemeni Bhin. At the end of this week, on Friday 16th November, Dammame's home team was circulated quickly 0: 1, in the 33 minutes hit by Abdulrahman Ghareeb. In October, the FIFA stands at Yemen 131 instead, Saudi Arabia is 59 pounds better – 72 places.

"Opposite this year's participant at the Russian year's concert, we finally expressed our appearance but we did not have to be particularly embarrassed in their protection. We do not allow Saudi Arabia to take advantage of the opportunities, and the Arab media has also made our accomplishment, "said Kocian, saying:

"We have problems with the transition to the attack, where we are consuming a lot and we are trying to shelter the opponent either in a attack a step by step or in a bad situation, and in fact we will work on it. We will return to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. From 5th December to Asian Championships, we will prepare in Doha, where we have four briefings. "

Saudi Arabia is a state in Yemen. In the country there is a conflict of arms, and according to the United Nations, he has applied for 10,000 victims since 2015. "But the game league does not play the Yemen Football Championship overseas at the home of a dangerous home, we will play games in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Saacach ruler who had previously worked in a Asian continent: at a club level he trained in China (Jiangsu Sainta) and Hong Kong (South China AA).

The main leitmotiv of Ján Kocian's achievement is the participation of Yemeni in the Asian competitions he has achieved. This prestigious competition will be held in January 2019 in the United Arab Emirates.

"They wanted to get a foreign coach at the event, they faced me. It really is a big challenge I look forward to. Yes, the main focus is for preparing this competition. In our basic organization we have Iran, Iraq and Vietnam, with challenging challenges. Although the results are not clear, no one wants to play. As we are new to such events, the challenge against these strong challenges is to get some of the points. "

Country Zlaté Moraviec and the old stop stadium Dukly Banská Bystrica and FC FC Georgian George. Pauli is a coach or a major sponsor of the third team. As well as the Slòcaia team, where he was also a helper for Jozef Vengloš (1993-1995) and the Austrian national team (in 2008-2009 he helped with Brückner's check, note), he came to Yemen .

"Compared to the previous two previous appearances in representations, I have more out of my case, I admit," SITA, the best player in Czechoslovakia for 1990, added Ján Kocian:

"On the other hand, the inner pleasure to see the efforts of Yemeni players is to be better, their country is bombed, and they have a great deal of weight in doing so; playing football, and they are really frightening and respected. I believe it's successful. "

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