Lajčák will consider retiring if Slovakia does not enter into the agreement

He also argued Robert Fico's argument.

20. November 2018 at 10:27 (updated 20. November 2018 at 10:54) location, task

Bratislava. The Minister of Rural Affairs Miroslav Lajčák (named Smeru) resigned to resign his position for Compact Global UN.

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He allowed Tuesday before a meeting in response to his & # 39; A question that would consider such a movement of voting that could not be accepted by the Parliament.

Lajčák suggested, according to TV JOJ, a dispute with Robert Fico and said that politicians and their views on his / her agreement; deal with options.

"Because the toil of the landlords that Slovakia wants to multiply themselves, can be a part of the problems and displaying solutions to others, I can not be to push it, "explained Lajčák.

Prime Minister Pellegrini also added the information when he reached a government meeting.

Lajčák: Options against each person

Lajcak sees an domestic policy as a dispute on her; migration agreement. He asks how some are on the one side; Failure to blame the interests of Slòcaca, and on the other hand it is good enough for her & president ".


They play the games. And these games are very funny for me. They are built into an unreasonable person.


Miroslav Lajčák about the views of members that he would be the best candidate for a president

The final idea of ​​the document will be held on Wednesday at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Lajcak says he had been in touch with the chairman of his party before Fico made a video on Facebook video in which he criticized his & decision and not appropriate.

"The basic element has been considered here, that is why we can not sit behind the foundry or Facebook status but if we look forward, we must go and negotiate," said Lajčák.

Find out how the accommodation can not be done; emerge but when the company has been held for several months during its work in the US, Lajčák replied that he was not about this document.

"They are all the options. They all deal with our small policy that is home to home," he said to the media. When asked if he is the chairman of Iron Director, Lajčák said "when I told everyone, so everyone."

"Everyone who criticizes their decision does not think about the decision, with the way, today we have a point about & # 39; foreign earnings at a government meeting, a direct, direct, legal migration, just what the decision says, why does not anyone say we are going to bring labor "Because he needs it," he continued.

According to Lajcak, members play a game play

Lajčák also suggested his thoughts about the president's bid and the voting bills he would win in the second round.

"I really appreciate the support, it's been awful, I did not expect people to deal with this. But I see it as a result of my work in the diploma field. That's what I want to do, "said the minister.

So why do the directors still submit applications that are the best candidate; , Lajčák replied "because they play the games. And these games are very funny for me. They are built into an unreasonable person."


Everyone here is a solution to options. They all deal with their & # 39; our small home policy.


Miroslav Lajčák, Foreign Affairs Minister

On another question, how he can try to run for a president, on the other hand, he was most successful in the position of the UN General Assembly, Lajčák said it was a beautiful question he has been in & # 39; ask from the morning.

"On the one hand, I failed, I discussed the interests of Slovakia, on the other hand, I'm good for his president," he said, See politics within after.

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