League of Nations: The Netherlands will play in & # 39; final competition

He did not get a & # 39; Germany home the two main goals and the duelle finished by dragging it.

20. November 2018 at 8:31 SITA

GELSENKIRCHEN. Country Players after Mondays in Germany (2: 2) drawings under A-A Division A Team of the League of Nations leading to the final "Final Four" competition.

In addition, Portugal, Switzerland and England for the event, in June 2019, will decide the winner of a new European competition.

The Dutch and the French have won seven points in the group for the Benelux team to be able to; get matches apart. "Oranjes" made most of her & # 39; The last quarter of the last minute.

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Prize for hard work

At the Gelsenkirchen stadium, they can pull, but after twenty minutes they play at the 0: 2 eastern edge in the aims of Tim Werner and Leroy Sany.

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They did not turn their meeting to the end, even though they did not; they got the challenge under a bigger weight.

However, in the 85 minutes, Quincey Promes was encouraged, and Virgil van Dijk followed six minutes later.

"It's a tremendous atmosphere in raising the body, I'm proud and we should be. We were working hard on each game and this is a great reward," the captain said "orange "and FC Liverpool FC FC.


I think everyone was in a position; Seeing football has been good and fun in the last games. We are developing and & # 39; taking forward positive steps. In fact, we need to play in full for 90 minutes. We all will then show that we can back stronger than before



"We believe that we are giving us success in the future, but we do not think we're going forward. We would greatly enhance the League of Nations, but we want to be suitable for MG 2020, "Van Dijk, named by uefa.com, and # 39; to follow.

The United States lost 2016 plus the MS 2018. After the new coach Ronald Koeman came, a number of young players took place and the new campaign team got.

"We have seen the character, we have been moving forward, we may not have played so well, and we may have seen two games against the top teams in four day, but we have shown that we have to play against teams of that stage, "the 55-year coach did not care.

The Germans will show them all when they are stronger

Worst behavior was in the German home. Germany did not win either of the four matches in the & # 39; his group and put two points in two drawings in the last row in the table.

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The Joachim Löw disappeared to the League of Nations B. Despite the worst results, the Germans see progress in their achievements.

"We wanted to win and we were scrapped because we were winning 2: 0." When the game ends with a drag, it's very tough. "Indeed, we need to play in full for the 90 minutes, and then we all show that we can come back stronger than that," said Okay, the second aim, after their game.

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