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Life on Earth has allowed to implement a foreign planet

There was a totally different chemical composition in the eyed world.

There are no seas, there is no situation in the way we know it, and in particular to life. Indeed, it would affect the development of the new soil if it did not hit the ground with another planet.

According to a new researchers with archaeologists at Rice University, the cosmetic appearance that created its moon creation, over 4.4 billion years ago, has expanded its range. Our planet with carbon and other important elements.

Scientific research is published in the Higher Scientific magazine.

Everything was different

The investigation of "primitive" meteorites, which corresponds to the original mass system of the solar system, is surprising. The interior planets, so the Earth, were originally poor in remote components such as water, carbon, nitric or sulbhur.

"When did he change and how he escaped the debate," said author Rajdeep Dasgupt.

One assumption suggests that the Earth has become very fragile about the Earth's relatively recent formation after the creation of the Earth's base. This is through carbonate contracts, which are meteorites full of unsustainable materials.

These conditions support the various components of the coat of earth's chemical composition. For example, the comparable comparisons of nitrogen isotope and hydrogen isotopes. But there was a bad face.

Earth shells contain, compared to nitrogen, more than (twice) of carbon than we can see on carbonatic bills.

What's going to cut the scared?

In order to solve this mystery, geologists from the Rice University have demonstrated the different opportunities for changing the chemical composition of the ancient landscape.

They started with a series of tests in the laboratory. There was great pressure and temperatures that compounded the environment and the chemical processes that were in place; come together with a planetary crown.

They found that the content that grows higher in the column is a n; significantly reduce the degree of carbon associated with it, so carbon can be targeted in the surrounding areas.

Each stratum contains a lot of information of the geological record - but a whole kilometer of rock stones is missing.

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Best of the billions of situations

As the Earth's base is very poor in sulbhur, researchers have confirmed that the troop detector would bring many links to a foreign party. Especially, with a planet that has a rich base in brushes and a carbon conversion coat.

Using computer symbols, they were comparing 1 billion planic clouds with a slightly different chemical composition.

"We found that an isotope co-assessment is within the Earth, its carbon and nitrogen ratios, as well as the total carbon, nitric and sulphur number outside Earth's core, the results not all in line with the effects of the Earth's disaster with the Mars Mars planet in vibrant and rich-rich material, "said co-author of Damanveer Grewal.

"Our first location is to explain time and supply vulnerable products in a way that is consistent with all geochemical evidence," said Rajdeep Dasgupta.

Hope for outdoor life

The results of a new search are also related to planets that may be & # 39; live in other planetary systems.

"With planetary disasters, Earth-like planets seem to get many of the vital elements of their growth," said Rajdeep Dasgupta. "Bodies of different shapes, sometimes coming from a different corner of the protoplanetary god."

Dasgupta acknowledges that Earth has not been sufficiently vulnerable to creating the seas, atmosphere or source of life. The world of the world has changed to a planetary disaster.

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