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Michal Truban on Websupport has been sold

One of the leading Progressive Slovakians to sell its own company to the Danish multinational company for millions of eudra.

The largest provider of Slovak Health Compensation has been carried out by the Axcel company as a Danish subsidiary. A company with three tens of staff and a turn of almost four million euros has entered the Swedish Loopia unit and three on Active Active 24 with the Loopia Group. Michal Truban, the owner of the company, confirmed the company's sales information on; his profile on Facebook.

"We received a bid from a number of companies, but we sold it to the Danish company that wants to benefit from Websupport, giving confidence to their knowledge and management," said Truban.

The thing comes at a time when it comes to. The company expanded significantly when Websupport received 19% and / and to 354.285 and / and in 2017 and companies sold up 11% to EUR 3.974mn. The company will have a & # 39; Provides 142,000 users to 763 users, hosting almost 173,000 internet settings.

It is a Copenhagen-based investment company that operates in the Axcel of Denmark. managing the capital of private investors and investing in & # 39; Most in mid-middle businesses in different areas. At present, he has five total capital assets of over 1.9 billion euros.

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