MIMORIADNE unhappy at school ring in Spišská Nová Ves: Gabriela (13) shot class

Not the main information as one of the primary school pupils got on their gun. Finally, he decided that the bad fortune was on the shooter ring. The headteacher confirmed that he was not targeted.


Falck Group spokeswoman, Katarina Načiniak, first said that after a boy was burned at his class from a firearm, a patient would have to injure her local hospital attack. The event was held just before lunch. It should be about the pupils in the seventh year of the primary school.

The bad luck was happening through the ring.

Spišská Nová Ves

Source: Facebook / Police SR

Shooter ring crash

Speaker Košice, Lenka Ivanová, said the disaster had hit the hunting ring. "Debit level is unknown at this time, but the injured person is out of danger." Police officers on site documents and execution of tasks are essential, " said the spokesman. She also said that the police began committing a criminal offense for the crime of physical harm at the same time. "We give more information about the case as soon as the situation is allowed," Ivana finished.

The injuries were made at Zdenko Nejedlého Primary School in Mier town.

The cops come into the building

Well: TASR – Oliver Ondráš

The boy set up

According to Jana Fedakova from the World Health Organization, the patient is in a state-based state. "He was aware that the medical team at the hospital in Spišskonov was overwhelmed, and he is currently waiting for air transport to a higher operating center in Košice for surgery," Fedáková says.

The case has already been investigated by the police.

Police vehicles in front of the building

Well: TASR – Oliver Ondráš

She said she was a 13-year-old patient and had been injured by a gungun. Pupils are transported to a child's asthma clinic and severe treatment to Kosice, where they are being carried out by astrologers. As the police say on the social network, the boy is injured in the eye.

Report by head of school

The first information did not know what happened directly to the hunting box, so the army did not; children to school. After that, the director Miroslav Nováček was convinced "there was no shooting at a school target."

Director of the School Miroslav Nováček.

Miroslav Nováček, Primary Director

Well: TASR – Oliver Ondráš

"The pupil was injured at a training lesson about sports training aimed at sporting hunting. The accident is at the level of the research," is clarified for its official website. He did not respond to calls made shortly after the incident.

The police also put Facebook too by 15m, fortunately, not a case we know from foreign news. Sadly, the unfortunate reason is to be & # 39; handle the airplane.

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