Minister Lajčák threatens the collapse of New Time

The Foreign Minister, Miroslav Lajcak (named Smer-SD) is willing to consider retiring for the UN Immigration Agreement.

This allowed your meeting to be a questionnaire in response to the question that he would do Consideration of its & # 39; This step if you voted Parliament to get involved in Slovakia

"Since I have been a Minister, I have been pushing for a vision of Slovak, democratic, European, which is part of the solution. But if the delegates need Slovakia to become self-cultivated, he wants to be part of the difficulties and his / her; leaving solutions to others, so I can not compete for such a policy, "said the head of the diploma, saying that the government is negotiating people from other countries of countries. "What exactly the legitimate, regulated migration, just what this format says," he said.

Lajčák also suggested that he spoke to the chairman of Smer-SD, Robert Fic, before the previous prime minister named in # 39; video that the document did not comply with the Slovak Republic's immigration policy. However, their conversation, their terms, would be explained in a different way. "But the basic element is that we can not sit behind the furnace or have a FB status, but if we have any case, we need to communicate," he said. According to it, those who criticize the hard in something else. "It's not about what it is document, this is a matter of choice, they all deal with the & # 39; our cohesive policy, "said Lajčák.

The Foreign Affairs Minister argued that he was thinking about why the colleagues have at his / her. party in presiding candidate post. "On the one hand, as I failed, de facto, I launched a flag on Slovakia as President of the General Assembly, which is unhappy, but this is what they are trying to emerge, and on the other hand I should be good enough for his president, "he said. The answer to this paradox, according to one another, is politics inside and choices. Lajcak also said he had a strong support in the survey options that could be the presidential candidate options. "I see this as a result of my & # 39; work in a field of diploma and foreign policy. I want to do that, "he said.

The fundamental grievances of the world's Worldwide Potential on Migration are proposed; Parliament debate. In this context, Lajčák is on Wednesday (21 November) to take part in a foreign committee; National Council (NR) of Soviet Republic. The Slovak National Party (CIS) does not want the World Universe Capacity for Slovakia to be binding. They have submitted a resolution to the National Council of Slovak Republic, which suggests that Slovakia should not accept its & # 39; migration agreement. We do not agree to accept the consensus, and we are the family and the SaS.

The 193 UN member states agreed to agree to the Immigration Agreement in September 2016. The work began on the text in April 2017. The aim of the & # 39; 34-page paper helps to organize better migration streams and & # 39; strengthening immigration rights. It emphasizes the incapacity of the sovereignty of individual countries and their right to the form of a migration policy.

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