Möbelix throws out Andrey Danko. Raca on his hard work marketing resources

Möbelix Slócaia decided to present the classic product in an original manner. In the advertising on the shelf, it indirectly identifies the case of Andrej Danko, Parliament Speaker. It is defined as a "rack where you can get all the resources to complete".

Möbelix has posted a post on his Facebook profile. The oak shelves are restricted by the chairman of the parliament and the NHS A. Danko government. He tells his suspicion that his hard work, with the title "Public Administration and Special Features" is the collection that brings out five books.

Möbelix is ​​just using the fifth series of subtitles. He did not write the professional content, but instead he placed "put" on the shelf. He wrote the post, "Some of us need more literature, others are smaller."

Source: Facebook / Möbelix

"However, Shelf Living serves you as a good home storage space, where you can change the shelf as you think," said Möbelix on Facebook.

There were over 1,300 responses and more than 460 posts posted on the social network on Monday morning to Tuesday morning.

For A. Danko to protect her wonderful brilliance of defaults, he drew attention to her. first N. diary He also lists a list of textbooks and their packages correspond to the work content of A. Danko. Their names are shown on the Möbelix shelf.

Maybe Wednesday, A. Danko will include a & # 39; case again in this case for a & # 39; this case. The bid for an amazing meeting was presented by challenging Monday politicians.

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