New Brother Brothers name new album. Check the futuristic clip Free Yourself

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The English electronic party, The Chemical Brothers, will be launching a program that will be named "No Geography" next year. The first is a great one with Free Free, which left in September. After that, on their YouTube channel, they put a short preview of occasional shortcuts that came to an end in the last week.

First of all Distribution After three years we got the chance to hear even before Slovakia was in Slovakia. Duo put the legend in her set-up record on Pohoda and thanked her hypnotic sound that belonged to her to the top of the concert.

Situated of the song Free of charge that is Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons there was a loving American poetry Diane di Prima, in particular, his speech Emotional Letter # 49 in 1969. His voice appears in the electronic representation of artificial information, and not a living person.

The video provides users of this creation to be used from a number of older clips – a combination of new technologies and dance. The story of the story seems to be rising from tightening robots, and perhaps in the next cluster, we see the sequence.

album Not Geography coming to a market in the spring, less than four years from the latest Born in the Echoes (2015). We still do not know what date they have been released and more information, but the two have published dates for a future tour of the USA, Mexico and the UK. More detailed information about the scheduled record is to be released sooner.

Distribution was established by the leaders and producers of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons in 1989. In June 1995 they set out a new record Exit Dust Planet and then Dig Your Own Hole (1997), Compliance (1999), Come With Us (2002), Put Putan on Ph.D. (2005), We Are The Night (2007), More The Echoes (2015).

The album also features Hannah (sound format) and a number of assemblies and EP messages. Among their most famous songs is Setting Sun (feat. Noel Gallagher). Block Rockin Beats. Hey Boy Hey Girl. Let Forever Be (feat. Noel Gallagher). He started in Africa. Guitar star by the way Galvanize (Q-Management Question). For example, they received four Grammy Awards.

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