News about the Galaxy S10: Returning Flat Scan

Samsung needs to prepare (at least?) Trio of modules from the Galaxy S10 family.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 main flag should be officially introduced next year. The MWC 2019 Mobile Transport appears in Barcelona. New information is gradually getting what we are doing; expectations of a high machine. or are not identifying them.

The latest news will go around the exhibitions that have been used. Depending on the available information, Samsung is preparing a "back-to-date" uninhabited display. So in the style of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7. However, he should still be an OLED panel.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

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This may look like the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 should show a loop to offer an OLED panel with a 5.8-inch legend. However, the advanced 5.8-inch level is also ready for a curve display.

The third model also features a 6.2 inch inches (approximately 6.44 inches) and some of the best technical enclosures. Apparently its triple main camera is on the # 39; behind.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

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Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Well: Ján Trangel

The Galaxy S10, without curbing, will be the foundation or even turning "Lite" of the priority. Although the curve display modules (SM-G973x and SM-G975x) offer a footprint reader in the display, this device (SM-G970x) will be a & # 39; show classical awareness on the back.

We can also expect the highest double camera. So the Galaxy S10 should compete with tools such as OnePlus 6T.

On the way, the fingerprint reader in the display should be ultrasonic, so that we can expect more detailed and more effective work. Software change is also important.

However, the magazine director should be missing. Increasingly, it is also spoken about how to go; the use of the show small hole for the front camera selfie – it would not be necessary to cut it like that.

Exynos 9 Series 9820

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Samsung is at the heart of the Galaxy S10 in the future

The Galaxy S10 should be offered in four color formats at its box, based on black, white / silver, yellow and green. However, it is not sure all the colors are also available on each market.

In fact it will completely renovated environment (one UI) and Android Pie.

In addition to the Galaxy S10, the only sources tell about it upcoming phone from Samsung. He should enter the Galaxy family of materials. It is expected that SMO F900U will offer a film place within 512 GB.

It is not easy to hold such a phone number available, but the manufacturer did not make it too wide. When we were using, we stopped using a back-back surface slowly

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Samsung has been in charge of the environment and its controls, it also wants to use mobile phones

Images for Europe, separately. The ASIAs should have the SM-F900F and SM-F900N model signals. The option should be black and silver colored by telephone. It will not be cheap, however, which has been said several times. Expectations to get the threshold of 2,000 euros.

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