Nissan paid large sums for the houses used by the car arrested President

A Japanese Carmeaker said Nissan Motors paid large sums for overseas homes used by the arrested chairman, Carlos Ghosn, for any legitimate reason. This was marked on Tuesday with a Japanese television station NHK, describing sources that did not want to be named.

C. Allegations involving C. Ghosn have reported a lower income in his reports to the authorities and his / her. Private property use for private purposes. According to unchanged sources, Nissan has claimed that he paid bills of yen to a sub-group with houses in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam.

C. Ghosn used these homes without legitimate matters. NHK stated that C. Ghosn did not appear to pay part of the rent and did not mention these benefits in the Financial Stock Exchange financial report.

Along with C. Ghosn, the director of Nissan and the close relationship also joined Greg Kelly. Tokyo Attorney also stated that Ghosn saved around $ 90 million (€ 78.76 million) in five years in five years, but gave only half.

Nissan has been investigating criminal practices that may have been C. Ghosn and G. Kelly for several months of the whistleblower. This study has shown that C. Ghosn and G. Kelly have been reporting less than real employment for years in stock reports.

She said that there were many other important issues of poor energy, such as the private use of the company's property, also featured and also confirmed by G. Kelly.

Nissan should officially receive the official removal of C. Giùis on Thursday 22nd November. Mr. C. Ghosn is also the leader of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Mitsubishi had already told him that he would recommend to the board that Mr Ghosn be dismissed as chairman; board and analyze inside. Renault has stated that he will protect his / her interest; company in the federation and seeking proper advice.

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