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When a hotel breaks down, & # 39; breaking the life and SFZ rules, it's a crackdown that the coaches are also a stop. How do you name a situation when a player leaves the spinning person in a game? And what does the two "shuffles" make one and the same player?

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What happened?

After the third installment of Pavel Hapal when he sent Adama Nemca to Adama Zreľák at 79 minutes, weiss put up and left the cabin. Hapal says he did not even understand that though we did it back on his back while he was in a while; coaching the team from his position on the front of his garden.

Vladimír Weiss ml. it's enough enough and did not write about it. In fact, I fly in the problems that arise in the world light. And we can only measure the number of items that are still locked behind the cabin doors of the show.

No. This is not a way of representation. This is not a good national game. It's not a collegiate, not a crew; There is no respect for the companions, coach, their supporters or their basic responsibilities. There's nothing right and good at all. It is not easy to understand.

If a player leaves a mountain just through the game just because they do not; He got the item, it's a promise to & # 39; favorite gateway. Players named then should only be agents, out of their main name and even on the # 39; hill, talk to Hapal on the first thing with her & # 39; coach. Because he chose someone else.

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Can we see it from Vladimir Weiss? Do we try to understand it? It is good and talented. He offers his Slovak representation every time and he knows it. At the same time, he knows that it is a bit slower than other players who play and play; Training in a better competition than it does. They never refused. He was always coming. He always wants to go out in midnight and so on, but he did not answer the "no" invitation.

I came here from Qatar, it's long. Although he is constantly doing what he wants to do, he will say he "loves" or "lovely" to represent "in a way. We all want to put our hearts into. For Kozák, Weiss is always playing, half or more, but has never played. Although he had difficulties he was entitled to be convicted.

This time, however, Weiss stayed only on the bay. This is related to the return of Miroslav Stoch. Pavel Hapal decided that Weiss would not come against Ukraine and did not allow him in Prague. With a selection of 22 players, it can happen at any time you do not stay on it; bing, especially when only three other men can go to the game. We can understand early ego Weiss. From your opinion he sees it as a long-term support and maybe it's true.

But they simply do not create the ones that are on the field. By keeping them together, they will pull each other together. From the players on the playground, through the ones on the sky, through the coaches, the recreation team, the masseurs, but also the leadership of SFZ for all who are in the game, represent and look after working. He needs professionalism and does not adversely affect children's behavior. As well as showing someone who has been distorted to the national team several times.

After the players were brought out to Kozak coach, they did not say respect and respect for the production. But Vladimir Weiss, just a month after the cracking that he gave Kozak, was repeating again. He was provoking all the principles on which the national team should stand.

Due to the fact that Pavel Hapal has been selected by other players in a game so sadly, Vladimir Weiss has had a bad cover on her. consonants and chocuis and with all the responsibilities that this coach needs to do. At the same time, he faced all his performers, and sent a message to him that he was wrong when he was sitting and others playing.

Do we really want to build a national team on these columns?



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