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Slovak Health Paulina Fialk (in the middle) during the women's relay at ZOH.

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Slovakian Paulina Fialkova spoke about the controversial points of the contract with his / her; Biathlon Slovakian Federation, to be signed by all the representatives.

The main objections are to move personality rights to the athlete
union and also post office official for
Followers on Facebook said the dispute had begun to disable & # 39; the main one
Anna Murin Coach and coach of the second Martin Bajcicka coach
from the production team.

The Pauline and Ivona Fialk women have not yet approved an union agreement.
The Disciplinary Authority (DK SZB) subsequently at the Friday session
has banned both the start of competitions related to Slovak representation
Republic. According to a member of the Disciplinary Commission Ľubomír Lepeň Fialkové
he did not respect the decision of his / her chairman to not apply a contract
the producers should sign it.

The Fialks have been using a LAW PARTNER lawyer's lawyer's office to help
Mr, who says that the SZB has its actions against the nurses Pauline and Ivone
Violet broke the law on sport, as well as their right to represent
Slovakia at major international events.

Part Paulina Fialk as a whole without content edits:

"Worry the right to use the right.

I would like to see the position of our advocate at the Guarantee Partner Legal
to make extra clarification why we can not agree with the union for a long time. when
However, you're looking for tired information or media links, I need you
disappointed. I will only put truth to make this power without use
to think everyone can do it because I'm not awful
inside things for sport I like.

The base of our problems is that the new leadership of the production is thereafter
The most successful season last year was launched from the exhibition
Coach is the main coach of women Anku Murínová and her husband and the runner
Martin Bajcicka training.

The question was not answered about why and who she still gained
The truth is that the union does not even make an alternative to these coaches.
In the first version of the contract with the union sent to us for signature not to be
Any marketing links to which the contract relates, will be merged
request for everything, but the sportsman did not give any warranty (if he asked
to the forehead, this agreement was published).

Biathlonist Paulina Fialková. "Data-original ="

Paulina Biathlete

Author: SITA, Martin Medňanský

In addition, the contract was unlawful because personalization was needed
Unite soccer rights that were free to do business with them and even to them
It could also be moved to other business companies and everyone without agreement
athlete and no opinion. But that is for us, however
Most importantly, in the contract we did not; see us any promise
long-term trainers who have helped us achieve important achievement benefits,
they will join us on every necessary competition.

In addition, the representatives of our union applications left us, even though we would give them
Participating in the race they wanted to pay from their own resources, so they do not get them
certification … In this situation, he came to us to do anything
Any marketing parts of the contract because you have no training
when you compete with the best in the world, why are trustees …

Unstable situation for us, and so we wanted to do it
Honestly for training, we had to negotiate with the union to attract a lawyer
a representative and the father came to our case, and that is what he did
it's hard to live. We've been a lot of people for two months
They fought for our coaches and, above all, thanked their principal
Out of the Slovenian Olympic Committee we have called this to us
the most important requirement. Thank you.

In terms of marketing parts of the agreement, I would like to emphasize this
we do not have any requirements for the advanced rods that will be put forward
uniform and co-operation equipment. We are already there
We stressed several times that we accept all advertising partners
Union we will be proud of and we will be proud of it
production activities, and giving us our rights of personalization
Their advertising reasons, despite the fact that we are in the public domain. support this situation
no prize.

In fact, without conservation we agree with every point of agreement, which is
describing our duties and our rights in our nation's representation.

What we still need to do to represent our country and
Especially when we stopped with a sports society but to talk about the contract
and we will begin to talk about the most important thing about sport, and # 39; sports development
Improved performance or representation of Slovakia?

Thank you for your understanding, we oppose everyone
This is a negative case and I am in a position; Believe that he does not have to do that yet
more information. I will also give specific points to & # 39; charter,
because we can not identify it. Paja. "

Paulina Fialk has made a summary in the contribution that is attached to the points of the part of the contract,
with whom they agree and disagree.

"We agree:

  • reserved by all contract points (88 points), which are
    explains the rules of society and cooperate with the state athlete
  • the athlete will provide a joint partner of marketing and marketing
    union partners (10 partners in total) on case and official
    Representative clothing at every production event,
    ceremonial rituals and media interviews without application
    be rewarded
  • All marketing partners have the right to use their society
    athlete is an advertising campaign without an application
    be rewarded
Ivona Fialk at Pingong Pyrgos Sprint. "Data-original ="

Ivona Fialk on Sprint Target
Author: SITA, Martin Medňanský

We want to edit / regenerate *:

  • the athlete will actively promote the general partner of his / her societies and
    Marketing partners on their own private site and their own
    Facebook social network accounts and Instagram without an application
    be rewarded
  • merchant merchants are entitled to claim from the athlete
    participation in self-promotion (10 total sections)
    Free athletes free of charge without salary
  • the athlete will ensure that it is not outside the production activities
    in any way that encourages other organizations as union partners in advance
    written consent of their associations
  • the athlete agrees to his person's value
    rights in commercial operations of unions without territorial constraints,
    and the union can continue to transfer this permission to other subjects and that
    Everything without reward
  • the union does not cover the athlete's accident in state sports
  • contractual relationship for 4 years
  • to the specific vocabulary of those points, we put forward suggestions and suggestions
    changes and revival so we can agree with them. Unfortunately, no
    none of our suggestions have been received and more conversation has to be rejected. "

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