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Slovak Health Paulina Fialk
Slovak Health Paulina Fialk

BRATISLAVA – Paulina Fialkova, a Sliceatic Biathlete on Monday, signed a contract with the Slovak Biathlon Federation (SZB) to be signed by all the representatives. The main objections are that the athlete's rights will be relocated to the sportsman's rights, and also in his post on Facebook facebook page, he said that the case began to have the female master Anne Murínová and coach Martin Bajčička was circulated from the national team.

The Pauline and Ivona Fialk women have not yet approved an union agreement. After that, the Disciplinary Commission (DK SZB), at the Friday meeting, suspended both Start at competitions related to the representation of a Slovak Republic. According to a member of the Disciplinary Commission Ľubomír Lepeň, the Fialks did not urge a decision to presidium by; failure to sign a contract to be signed by all the agents.

The Fialks have appealed to the legal law of a PARTNER GARANT, which says that the SZB has been breaking the law on sport as well as its right to play. representing Slovakia at major international events by working against the Pauline and Ivone Fialkov Nurses.

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