PHOTO Deugaire Celine has been shaking because of her stomach, now she's a scowl man!

Celine went through hell in the secondary school. The co-petitioners smiled at him and told him he was unfortunate and his face was like rubbish. Often, she discovered that he was ill, to avoid school and poor farmers.

"They spoke to me every day because I had no wives or else because I had a big ass. They also played my clothes," she was growing up. They brought it out, a division from the collection, and only gave it a "ugly Celine". She always wanted to look like Pamela Anderson from the Baywatch series and also some big boots.

Celine once she was not happy in her body.

Celine once she was not happy in her body.


After school, she worked as a hairdresser and wanted to change her life with herbal cures and started saving money. His first plastic surgery was held in 2013.

Since then she has grown her shoes three times, she has given her nose, and she has filled her sheets and mills. For all, I paid about 43,000 euros for counting. The product, however, is more likely for Celine.

"Now I'm feeling as good as ever. I'm glad I can always live my life as I always wanted. I'm much stronger and if someone tells me something negative, I do not care. No one can get hurt again, " Celine said.


There are over 63,000 followers in your Instagram account, and the answers are still more advanced than negative.

"I wanted to be a strong woman who does not need a person, but everyone wants him," Celine said. And now she has fulfilled her dream – the men on the internet have heard her, her & her; inviting her to dinner and even willing to pay for her company.


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