Photograph: Co-workers, friends and a public were happy with actor Marian Geisberg

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BRATISLAVA, November 18 ( – The public, colleagues and friends of Sunday delivered the final production and connection of Slovakian theater, television and film actor, songwriter, points, poet and dictionary by Marián Geisberg. Pietna's memorial to the artist was held at 11am in the new National Theater of the National (SND) building at Pribinova Street in Bratislava.

The actors did not respect this time, but they sat on the platform on the chairs. Her coffin was missing, but the tide was full of flowers, and some of the actors played her. holding their hand candles.

Vajdik, Vajda and Shimun spoke

Geishberg colleagues included, including Kamila Magálová, Božidara Turzonova no Martin Huba, theater leaders Michal Vajdička, Jozef Vajda, Ľubomír Paulovič, director of Martin Theater, František Vyrostko, National Theater drama writer Daniel Majling, Tomáš Vravník, František Kovár Pàdraig Šimun and the last actress Táňa Pauhofová. They had a sense of sadness, but they saw many of the feelings with tears on their faces.

"A friend of my legacy is in the middle of a sentence, in a central opinion that is not proven. The friend who introduced me to the drama family that opened my arm and eyes, showed the biography, I myself, and although I grew up with his amazing son, he gave me a conversation with me. When someone goes out, he always raises many who are on leaving it and more than those who regard it. A friend has left me, and he misses him very much. It's hard to talk, do you murmur, " Vajdička said.

"It's been in a week and I can not still believe it. When I learned about the play on Saturday, I said, that's a chopping. Maroš would have waiting for the results of the local elections, but where this country and society were captured, it was very important to him. But it did not happen. Marosko, when it is said that each One of us is capable of being used, in your case it is not appropriate. You are lamenting everyone in the theater. Thank you for being able to stand with you on At the same time we could be a small part of your life. I thank him very much, I miss it very much, " actor Jozef Vajd gave his speech.

The smith sent out of his guests, Simon commented on the beginning

Actress František Kovár, who has been a crest of Geisberg for many years, is behind her; microfilm. The conversation was also used by his conversation. "Do you remember when we played Cyran in the Hviezdoslav theater? It was five minutes to the seventh and gave me Marosko, where are you?" "On top of the House in Vlčkovce, I am changing the tiles. What do you need? "" You're lazy in the room because we play Cyrano, " I say. "What?" And in the mobile phone I heard that you were snuggle up to the particular, you said, "I'm seventh in the dress on the platform!" I do not still have a & # 39; understand how you did, but kept the word because you always kept what you said, " Kovár a laughing. "And when we played Bal and we saw before the co-workers started out of the car to the theater, tell me in the "scratching room" turn turn Zdenka, Kamila to the right and yourself. Noo, it's a national theater! & # 39 ;, His guests were in the hall.

Pàdraig Šimun, who remembers the beginning of his relationship with Geisberg, the kingdom after Kovár. "Hello Maros. I'm glad that your friend I came into life, especially in your wedding in Rimavská Sobota. We were a student, we did not have much money, and he stopped all the officers, including the photographer, and I decided to kill your wedding. I borrowed my father's camera from work, camera as well as the big movie and big torch units. I opened, photographed, I killed ten big films after 36 pictures, it came up and they were all black. There is only one image left, as a terrible roll. This is the picture ab & # 39; beautiful. Then your father said, "You have a great friend!" And you brought in my strength and said, "I am." And so we started our funny journey, " Simon remembered.

There were sad speeches that coincide with a film of the production

Last speaker, Táňa Pauhofová, who made all the discussions to Geisberg on the picture, returned to the audience.

"On Marosh, Ocko. Move freely, freely, calmly and calmly. Why not talk about it and talk a lot about it. Focus on the plane itself. I look and I can tell you that it is a bad adverse because I know your compatibility and I think this is the most part of your ideas too. And I look at it For years of great love, with great gratefulness and respect for us, which could be part of your proportion, arise. And that it gave us the opportunity to make it so big and we You will see, we will give us, because when you love someone, you will be really. You are perfect in all your own wide range. I will not fill you with anything Thank you very much and I kissed Poseidon, " His lecturer finished his lecture, and he entered Geisberg deeply.

Speeches were tied together with illustrations from the representations Geisberg had done during his life and the recordings of the artist's poems. The exercise was unhappy the frightened thing; All the guests in the hall. Spectators Maria Kráľovičová, Dušan Cinkot, Jura Loj, Matej Landl, Elena Vacvalová and Oľga Feldeková and many others.

Marián Geišberg

  • * 23 December 1953 – † 10. November 2018

He was born in Piešťany and grew up in Myjava. He graduated from the Arts Arts Academy (VŠMU) in Bratislava. From 1979 to 1984, he worked at Theater Jonas Záborský in Prešov, later in the SNP Theater in Martin and the Children and Young People's Theater in Trnava. Since 1992 he has been a member of the National Theater of Slovakia (SND) in Bratislava.

Nearly one of the sixty-eight images he made on our first level boards, Jepichod needs to say from Cherry Orchard, Mercury from Romeo and Julia, Kockareva from Zenba, Dorna from Tchaikovsky, Markiza de Sade from Marat-Sade, Rosmer from Rosmersholm, Ichareva z Hráčov, Tullusa Aufidiusa from Coriolana or Adam from Bal.

His last one in the SND was the Knight John Falstaff in his & her; Windsor Monastery. Geisberg was consistently established in Astorka, L & S Studio (Studio S), Andreja Bagara Theater in Nitra, but especially at Theater a.ha, which was a personal profile. He was also a film and television actor. He has been singing in the Horses of the Horses films on the Concrete, Captain Red, Revival, Jánošík, Muzika, in the National Sinner television movie and others. A native song writer and writer; him too.

He was a writer of prose and poet, the author of two global collections. It does it and goes through the doorstep and its; closing the door and the collection of poetry to God Byzantine. He was also a prominent songwriter, he released two "Nápyy" and "Neladí-nevadí". He also worked at the Academy of Exhibition Arts in Bratislava. "Marián Geisberg was a well-known celebrity person who had a good idea of ​​battle. It was a genuine benefit with a strong and straightforward character," the SND added.

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