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Play Fallout 76: The story has taken a new way

Not only are the most fascinating settlers of Nuclear Skipper Number 76 that will last.

Three years later Summary 4 we have followed it last. This tour, however, is not the game of any player, but fight for more. Bethesda's studio has made a radical step with a signal, but it can not always remove such a risk.

Fallout 76 builds on the base of the one that was; before. The same system of building or basic product and changing things. There is no accumulation of rubbish without end and subsequent recycling. Unfortunately, other sides of the brand were extremely horrible. The story as well as the RPG system is reduced to a minimum.

Interacting with other players is not as good. And it is also essential to forget about Bethesda's prestigious studio reputation with its so many technical and visual errors when it gives almost every title. A wide open world but yet it is offers many opportunities for unexpected research and mind.

We'll fully review it soon. In our short preview at the beginning of the article, you can still see how we are participating in a local complaint of the non-traditional population when we are going to; travel through the abandoned city.

Fallout 76 (PC) was reviewed by Cenega.

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