Poetry in dress / Kroje in poetry

Bratislava, November 20 2018 (HSP / Photograph: Peter Brenkus)

There is a book entitled "Poetry in Dress / Kroje" in poetry that begins. In limited and original graphic form


There were a number of well-known celebrities such as Lúcnice Marián Turner, Ľubica Čekovská, actor and rector Štefan Bučko, Ján Sucháň's Catholic priest, and Magda Rúfusová, a well-known poet.

Check the spread of the book:

The Series of Poetry in Dress / The Works in Poetry Includes:

  • A special book with a canvas jack with decoration of a white device or color
  • A luxury speech case in the same picture as the cover of the book
  • Two posters with part blasting: a young woman in the evening dress of the Eye (480 x 700 mm) and a married woman in tekovsky ad ad (700 x 480 mm)
  • Wall Wall's poem in dress / Poetry poetry for the year 2019 (480 x 445 mm)
  • gloves

The photographer Peter Brenkus, who is interested in dancing, classical music actors and folklore, is the author of the design. You enjoy it literally and the power of its artistic entitlement is intensively enhanced by beautiful rhymes about truth, beauty, home and love.

Poetry in uniform

The Poetry Book in Appliances / Kroje v poézii includes a book entitled "Take Take to Beauty", published in June of this year and became a slave-seller in the Slovakia. It has provided more than one hundred indigenous changes to 945 color photographs of indigenous culture from 19 specific areas of Slovakia.

More beautiful publications can be found at www.luxusnakniznica.sk.

Milan Buno, literary journalist

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