Pohřeb Gáborčíka († 25): Honorable guard with hockey sticks

It's gone too early. David Davis (25), the last one drawn by family, friends and experts. He died on 30 October in a road crash in the northwest of Dunkerque, where he was supporting the local local club of Les Corsaires.

Gáborčík did not find any feed features on his / her platform, where he was still out of his & # 39; a car that was thrown away, but suffered ill. After three weeks of fun, a funeral of the player, with hundreds of people on to Poprad Cladh, was held on Monday. "He was astonished at all of us, and so far David is surprising that David is not here," HC Poprad Ľudovít Jurinyi told tears.

There were old old brothers playing with David. There stood Paločko, Mlynarovič, Brejčák, Paukovček in the hockey jerseys beside his coffin during the entire event. These men did not know it was a tear. When they brought their coffin into the house with a pity, Blowing a stick hooked on the ground they finally gave their friend hope. Previously they had made a great deal for David's family and, with support from the ice hockey club, Alexandra's sister, who is also a ice hockey player, has left her body from France.

"We'll lose forever," said one of his friends.

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