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Professor Tesla Elon Musk was named Tusk. Twitters – Economy – News

Tesla Elon Musk, head of US car maker, changed his name to Elon Tusk on twitter and promised new news to be announced from his company who was looking for electric cars this week . This was reported by Reuters.

The name of Elton Tusk is now shown on the Twitter Musket Census. page
25 million fans. Musk changed his name after census after being an American
The Investment and Trade Trust (SEC) accused of damaging a court.

The Exchange Commission says that Musk has breached the recent Twitters administration
settlement agreement last year. Musk under the agreement
He promised not to display information that could have been Twitters
on the stock market, if it is not the first to go; obtaining approval from the Tesla principal lawyer. by & # 39;
The commission has succeeded this commitment last week when it published a tweet
the measurement measure of this year's Tesla show.

Tesla, Chief Elon Musk, was renamed ...

Tesla, the name of Main Elon Musk
twitter account, called Tusk.
Author: Elon Tusk (@elonmusk)
· Twitter

Musk last August surprised the financial markets when it was on twitter
the account writes that it is downloading Tesla download and download its section
from public exchange. He said he had been confirmed
funded and offered a much higher value than the sections that were; company
market value. Later on, however, he said that with his ability
investors are still negotiating and their agreement has not yet been decided.

Afterwards, the Exchange Commission launched a lawyer announcing the statement
Tesla did not have a very good base to retrieve and to " stocking stock from stock trade, it was
unreasonable and misleading, caused in stock market and damaged
museum. Shortly after, the commission agreed with Tesla and Musk to set

Tesla and Musk had to pay $ 20 million and Musk was extra
someone else must accept that he will resign his office at least three years
Chairman of the Tesla Board of Directors. But the Managing Director may remain.

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