Saudi Arabia should have access to the Amazon Bezosa phone

Saudi Arabia was supposed to obtain private information from mobile phones.

Jeff Bezos, a security consultant at Amazon, announced on Saturday that Saudi Arabia had the opportunity to call on Bezosa and that he had received private information from him, Reuters said.

Security Adviser Gavin De Becker said he completed an investigation into the distribution of text messages between Bezos and his mistress Lauren Sánchez in January.

Bezos was recruited by De Becker to find out how many tabloid private cases in Inquire National had a week, and she said on her website.

Bezos's love came to mind when National Enquirer published an article about his relationship with former TV presenter with Sánchez on 9 January. The article came out a few days after Bezos and his wife declared themselves divisive.

Bezos blamed the week for ripping efforts. The week threatened the publication of close-up drawings that Bezos sent out to Sánchez, unless the Amazon leader made a public statement that magazines had no political articles among his people.

He presented the research results to the USA

De Becker announces Media American Inc. (AMI), which also publishes the National Auditor, has asked publicly for De Becker to dismiss any evidence of interference or attack.

"Our auditors and other experts have asked that Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to access Bezos and private information," wrote De Becker. It is currently unknown whether AMI had any information on the activities of Saudi Arabia and the extent of it.

Saudiya Foreign Minister said in February his articles in National Inquire had no relevance to his relationship Bezos.

AMI said that he had legal action when publishing articles on Bezos.

De Becker announced that he had shared the results of his survey with the US federal authorities.

Jeff Bezos is the American Washington Post newspaper. According to the BBC, De Becker said the Saudi government had been determined to make Bezos from October last year when Washington started writing about the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji.

A Khashukji journalist lived in a voluntary refuge in the United States and wrote for the Washington Post. It disappeared on 2 October 2018 after entering the Saudi Arab Consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi accused then threatened to murder him.

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