Schoacchers should not get more support from coal mining, the future of Nitra Uarach is a solution not only Žiga

BRATISLAVA, November 19 ( – Slogan housing should stop for five years to support the production of coal home.

The earlier sentence is not true

According to the Minister of Economy, Petra Žigu, in Slovakia, the general economy in the coal mining department should be completed in 2023, depending on which all electricity makers also have a & # 39; pay in his exhibit subsidies to use coal for electricity generation. At present, electricity subscribers pay around € 115 million annually to support coal.

According to the Minister for Economy, the closer date is not to eliminate the overall economic interest in mining. "The 2019 Year is completely unequivocally. I will not pass the pace of the challenge. We know what we do. We need to give social arrangements for the Upper Nitra division. We need to tell people what we have for them," Ziga said.

Future of Upper Nitra division

The Minister, together with EU Energy Commissioner, Maroš Šefčovič confirmed his news conference in the framework of the European Continental Energy Conference that Slovakia has a " negotiating strictly with the European Commission about the future of the Nitra department, where it is using brown coal.

"We will organize an action plan in a long time, that is, what we will do for the region, and at the same time we will put the phrase 2023," Ziga said, saying that it would not be the end of the Spaniard mining, but just the end of the support of electric users.

"We have been dealing with the subject for more than a year. We want to introduce hard projects that will provide new economic development for this sector," Šefčovič added.

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