Scientists have been able to have micro-component renewables in mice, and support specialist protein mixing.

You can think that you are taking a pill or your doctor has a special drink if you drink bone renewal or joints? At the beginning, it seems that there is a future script from the next millennium, but the truth is completely different. At least according to a survey by Texas A & M scientists that have been investigated in the well-known Scient Scientist magazine.

Scientists have confirmed
revitalizing some of the rare parts of mice calf

Biologists from Texas A & M University Flexible mice with the crackers and then treated with proteins BMP2 and MBP9. These protes were then taken through their body-made organisms that needed bones. In addition, medical exams are available there was also cartilage revival. The process was even as soon as it was just over 3 days after the cure was started, over 60% of the bones of the new bones were renewed.

Ken Muneoka, the main project researcher, said that their study is transformative and that it is praised The ability of animals to revitalize the genes, sea ​​in a lizard case. But why this is not explained in detail in practice. But he also said to use this knowledge effectively for people's patients, we are still far away. They did not succeed in getting a full dream of their fingers, and even # 39; If they did, there would be long exams in the clinical trials.

Despite this research is opening a new way for scientists to find ways how to help thousands of patients in the future.

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