She almost did not get her, three sent in to hospital

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A talented German rider in the 4th round of Sunday races was regularly away from the line at a distance and finished in metal construction. It is unclear what caused the disaster, but Flörsch was not at all, especially with the broken spikes on the wheels.

He has suffered a lot of time to stop long minutes. Germans were admitted to the hospital where they found out that they had doubled a double. However, the injuries are not as bad as they look, as Flörsch has already been a supporter for the Twitters and has been leaving them. "I'm right, but Monday is a surgery waiting for me. Thank you for all those who care about me and your support messages," she wrote.

In addition, four people left the hospital. Sha Cuboi's director, in whom she was struggling, was a & # 39; feeling pain in the brackets area and had to deal with two photographers and a railway march. Everyone is fortunate out of life threat. The only thing that the racer left out of the entire crash with broken shoes that should not be restricted after successful work in the next position can be astonishing. Her fears ended her arrest and the just shows after the accident was shown so fortunate by Grünwald who was 17 years old; age.

Flörsch first started in Formula 3 this year, before reaching the Formula 4. race Brit Daniel Ticktum was the chief of the party at his & # 39; Ultimately, the suggestion of his & # 39; first prize in Macau.

Pictures of the sexy racer crash look at you!

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