Ski police revision reviews Kosice: The police have been at risk, Maiga reinforced a trip to his wife

"In the light of the Interpol General Assembly in Dubai, police chief police officers Malka told the Milan Milan Milani Police Director that Ľuboš Kosík had not been released from the Malayis prison, the police said in a statement on the social network.

But Kosick himself, shortly after the police sent a post on Facebook, said he was not in any jail. "That's so strange! I'm free from a tweet last week and I have also scrapped," Responding to the week Plus for 7 days.

He now needs to wait for papers to allow them to stay in Mali. The plans for the future did not appear in the # 39; phone conversation, but he said that many people will still see what's going on; happening.

It was confirmed by Maiga

About Kosice's release from the prison in Mali, it was told Wednesday, November 14 with Sme, which was also confirmed by Kosik. Today, the day also said that the actress Ibrahim Maiga also confirmed that the old man was killed. His family was in Mali with Kosík after he was released in communication. Maiga is currently in Slovakia.

Ľuboš Kosík and Ibrahim

Source: TASR / František Iván, MV SR

The actor learned to get out of the media, and he did; He asked his wife then. She told him that Kosice was pleased to say he was. According to Maiga he knows where his family lives, and he told them he is out there. However, he did not associate with the old secretary."Two years were closed and Slovakia could not be moved, they can not keep it," Judge Maiga.

Kosík wanted the day he was in Mali. When asked what he would do, Maiga responded to his words "As a whole country of Slovakia he will do anything there," as there are not many experts. Whether it is a fitness trainer, a builder or electric worker. "If he has a little capital, he can do business, I would be very happy if he got work there. In Slovakia, his family, children, is not easy," he said. who said in an interview.

Maiga talked about reaching the best of Slovakia; want after that in Africa! Life is run and Interpol trap

The Maigu were also investigated by Kosice's help with the police. As stated, the research is over. It was just after he was arrested he knew the Kosice criminal history. Before that he did not know he had previously been a cop and a police officer. "But I've been living in Slovakia for a long time, I know how it is thinking, and told me in Africa that it was non- guilty of blaming for the blames on which he was convicted, because he knew because he knew a lot of information and wanted to sink. Maiga explained.

However, if there was a connection with Kosice by the son of the President's son, he would have nothing to do with him. Maiga also said he did not realize that Kosík had been involved in theft he took part in the event.

Court of uncertainty justice

The police say a man, the upper server and the other. Whether Kosik is imprisoned in Mali or on freedom and that there is no official information on the situation that was issued to SR on the Schoaccious justice system. "Despite the attempts and emergencies of the Mali authorities, the Ministry of Justice still has no official information," Denisa Gershi from the media department at MS SR Monday said.

He was surprised

The old SIS member was imprisoned for two years after issuing a $ 2.4 million international exchange warrant. He was surprised. "They opened the door and said the end," said Sme Kosík. He did not comment on your next steps.

Excitator Kosik is free of charge: after two years, he was released from prison in Mali

Kosice has long argued that he is willing to give evidence about the son of President Michal Kováč and other issues of SIS members; before. Kosice was first convicted for 14 years imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 barley. As he did not pay it, the Special Criminal Court in Pezinok was convicted of him for another four years on Monday, November 12. The declaration is still not valid and it is the decision of the Supreme Court of Soviet Republic, because he made an application to the defendant of Kosík.

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