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Slovan and Spartak have a major risk of the disaster. A biker is at risk!

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The upcoming Slovak division between Slovan Bratislava and Spartak Trnava was hit by poor trees. Initially, they were at risk with fans of the fans' boycott and who could be at risk as a game was not even the top Slavic leader!

The spring part of the highest football league in Slovakia is clear to the home of Prime Minister of Slovakia Bratislava in the Teheln reconstructed area. In the 21st round of the Fortuna League, FC Spartak Trnava will be welcomed in the largest football fight in the Fellowship of his competitors.

However, the first sharp start at the National Football Park has been on to # 39; breaking down after the latest news, and even does not even let it come, despite the leadership of the "belasy" already sold.

One reason is the rapid reduction in the number of tickets for guests, as well as a security reduction at the blade itself, which is in accordance with the Trnava that has not been approved. Spartaka's command is to play or play a game for a duel on Pasienky. So if all situations do not fit.

The Spartaka Trnava administration has already published an official report to the Soviet Football Union, the Union of the Leagues, Slovan Bratislava and is even ready to contact the European Football Union (UEFA).

ŠPORT.sk publishes the Spartaka Trnava administration text as well as the Ultra Spartak Trnava:

Administration of Spartaka Trnava's leadership over Derby against Telavon Field Slovan

Administration of Spartaka Trnava's leadership over Derby against Telavon Field Slovan

Source: FC Spartak Trnava

Response to the Security Council dated 22.02.2019 to Slovan – Trnava game

According to the security meeting's conclusions held on 22.02.2019 in Bratislava for the 21st tour of the Fortuna League between ŠK Slovan Bratislava – FC Spartak Trnava, which will take place on 03.03.2019 at 18:00 at the pole of Tehelnom , let's answer the following points:

1. There were 400 appeals to the host organization for the hospitality department, which is less than 2% of the current stadium capacity. For our club, this is inappropriate and unsuitable, and we are really looking for a 5% increase in tickets to our guests' department for around 1100 tickets. Just as set by SFZ 2018/2019, Art. 6 Structural stadiums, letter "i"

2. According to our information, the new stadium on the Tehelnom pole has not been approved, even one temporary tribune has been donated for temporary use, but not the other, which is completely opposed to a competitive match played there. Not to mention other shortcomings, which are completely opposed to their & # 39; Commission for stadiums and SFZ game areas, but also with the SFZ 2018/2019 timetable and the 2016/2019 CBA timetable.

3. Based on the item 2 mentioned above, we & # 39; refusing to play a game of danger on the site, especially in terms of the safety of all players, but especially our players, the team of executives and fans. If we do not have the appropriate commitment that the stadium performs the criteria needed for its & # 39; This game, we refused to go into the game, individually. we are happy to agree that it will be deferred and played after the stadium meets the criteria required for its performance. Alternatively, we recommend it to play in the # 39; The first time at the stadium in Pasienkoch.

4. After the previous security meeting, club representatives had a keen interest in the & # 39; going to see Stadium Teheln Stadium and, in particular, the hospitality department. However, this was rejected, as well as a game maker p. Kosicar because the playground is still a building and it is not possible to move your foreigners. We get this unsuitable, especially if we have seen the hospitality department buildings on the floor with a temporary mesh that is not satisfied.

5. If the appropriate organizer and Governing Authorities do not deal with the above arguments, we will inform UEFA about the situation. A building site can not be played and plays with the safety and health of each species.

First five days Further ahead

Following a modern security meeting in Bratislava, we will stop the street and invite All to go to the street. Participate in this farce. There will be no special train.

The reasons that lead us to this conclusion.
– Slovan's head dropped our ticket to 400pcs, despite the 5% of the capabilities, or 1100 tickets
– He was all in agreement with their security guard
– We know about this to sleep and its # 39; attacking Spartak fans two weeks in advance, as we have also received these original amounts at least 2 weeks ago
– Last minute, all the Pacific representatives were leaving them openly with the application that we would get 1100pcs full, the last days did not tell us on the calls to confirm the number, until today's security consultation decides
– As a matter of today they said that the building has not been agreed and is only in advance and so has its right for safety reasons
– We were also banned from any core if it was made of concessioned material
– Instead of a plexiglass protection, we put in a temporary mesh and put a slogan of our own tunes, an open open shoe with Slovan and with whom the police are counted in advance so that the entire department can be cleared before game

If they want power to "mark" without being released, let them enjoy them. We will not even do them.

In the decision, we & # 39; persuade him and urge all Spartaka fans to boycott his / her. game, and we also want Ultras Slovan to keep up with the unwritten rules between the best and publicly disclosed and in line with Trnava fans.


P.S .: Amàireach at Dunajská !!!



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