Slovenská sporiteľňa forwards SMS for commerce, pressing calls

This is the second major bank to move to this stage.

At the end of last year SMS Tatra banka want SMS notifications of tax transactions and push-notices only. Now Slovenská sporiteľňa also named the same step.

From the beginning of next month To be in Mobile Mobile George Co-ordinated Notices. The bank explains this by receiving more than two-thirds of Slovaks with your mobile and giving more information than SMS.

"After the update, the application will ask you to send push notifications and then send it automatically to you," Slovenská sporiteľňa said in the media report.

If you currently use one of the Personal Accounts or Census Accounts, you will only receive messages for unpaid payments, overseas card payments, and foreign shop purchases. moving objects from 1 June.

SMS after one new euro

If that is you will still need to receive SMS messages you still have to one euro per month. If you are currently paying for a 1.5 Euro SMS folder, you will also be paying one euro per month from June.

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Clients will pay one euro per month for SMS.

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If you don't have a smartphone or you have an alternative system to Android or iOS on your phone, you can get free emails in George's web version.

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