Smart won't go away, otherwise. Offering new modules. For Daimler and Geely

Smart + basic ideas

Daimler and Geely Holding formed an international campaign for the Smart logo.

Geoly Holding Group (Geely Holding) and Daimler AG (Daimler) announced today that a global joint venture has been set up which each company will be responsible for a similar level of 50%. The aim is to develop the Smart logo, the pioneer of urban movement, as a leader in the electric vehicles sector.

Under a joint venture agreement, a new generation of Smart motor vehicles for the global market will begin to be installed in a new electric vehicle car park in China, which will start selling in 2022.

Dieter Zetsche, Chair of the Board of Directors of Daimler AG and Head of Cars Mercedes-Benz, said: “Smart is the pioneer of movement movement, with more than 2.2 million users. With thanks to his successful story, we look forward to developing further the name Geely Holding, a strong partner in the electric vehicle sector. Together we design, develop and make China generate another generation of world market Smart vehicles – with global production standards and Smart safety standards. We are looking forward to building our success in China and the world with all of our partners. A Mercedes-Benz electric powered car will be introduced in a future Hambach plant to retain jobs as well as other investments. ”

Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding, said: “We fully respect the value of the Smart logo. This name has a special significance and commercial value. Geely Holding and Daimler look forward to this exciting and exciting new project to further promote the launch of large electric vehicles and increase our knowledge of our customers. As equal partners, we will endeavor to support the Smart logo worldwide. We will draw on our expertise and expertise in the management of brand, development, research, manufacturing, management of supply chain and other areas. Collaboration of this collaboration will be mutually beneficial, while at the same time allowing us to further develop Smart technologies, including linkages, to keep the industry at the heart of its fabric. general change. ”

The new joint board is made up of six members. Partners will have the same number of representatives. For Daimler AG the Board of Mercedes-Benz and Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Directors of Daimler AG, are Hubertus Troska, Board Member of Directors of Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz Division of Representation and Carriage Zone are a member of the Board responsible for the Inspection and Organizational Development of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Board members for Geely Holding of Li Shufu, Chairman Geely Holding, Co., Chairman Geely Holding, and the President and Chief Executive of Geely Auto Group, and Daniel Donghui Li, Vice President and Executive Vice-President, Geely Auto Group. Geely Holding, Finance Officer.

Partners have agreed to design a new generation of Smart vehicles from a global design perspective by the Mercedes-Benz global design and the global engineering center Geely will take care of the development. The product will be made in China.

The vehicle improvement program also aims to extend the Smart product portfolio to category B which is rapidly expanding.

Until the launch of the new generation of Smart in 2022, Daimler will continue to develop the existing generation of the Hambach plants of France (Smart EQ fortwo) and Smart EQ for the existing generation.

At the same time, plant Hambach will take on a new post in the Mercedes-Benz Cars production network and in the future will start bringing about a Mercedes-Benz electric car under the new flag of goods and EQ technology. Mercedes-Benz is investing EUR 500 million in the Hambach plant and will continue to benefit from staff experience.

It is anticipated that the establishment of the Collaborative will be completed by the end of 2019. The current Co-option terms of funding are not yet published.

Details of the establishment of a joint venture follow a new agreement between Daimler Mobility Services and last year's Geely Technology Group, where companies agreed to work together to create a new Ride-Ride service. Hailing has been developed in China.

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