Specific search: we have the galaxy, the Bowl Slayer, in a real and remote

Scientists have discovered, with their new 3D map of our galaxy, which is not as clever as we were. think so far. Regular shapes are not recognized by their map.

The new map is doubled 1 339 stars, mentioned Cepheid. Scientists often try to plan the situation of the stars in the space, but these places and there are unjust dimensions. Sometimes scientists believe that the star is much closer to us than it is true, and that the little light needs to be far away. Rhythmic rods of light, which discharges cepids, however, to let screws show in detail how long they are to color the color.

Using program data Wise from NASA's non-inspirational mode, he noted that classical placements are true different galactic structure – not what we have used. It is our galaxy spread and a suggestion that we do not know about its & # 39; globe.

Researchers have not investigated why our galaxy does not look at the way we have thought so far, but we have a specific estimate. Typically a normal spiritual galaxy pattern shows a huge increase over the long spiritual weapons. But sellers think we have the inter-related parts of the galaxy much closer. They think that's the heart of our galaxy; move around axis, at the same time drag the god out of the shape.

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