Starship: Elon Musk has renamed a rocket of space to fly to Mars


Chief of the Spanish Society SpaceX renamed an ambitious page Big Rocket Falcon on & # 39; Starship. It happened on the social network Twitter, where the vision is visual Elon Musk has published two tweets. In the first he is & # 39; mentions the new name, and the second one again the individual parts that make up one of his famous works.

Its first tweet is not only a & # 39; Find out about changing their name. The other is talking about it two parts of the space rocket – that's it Starship, ie deck for passengers, and including goods, and Distribution, who wants to change driving system with engines.

evolution Distribution it should be SpaceX standing around 5 million Dolairean USA, who was going for the person who came after the amazing song Map Unlock (Open), who knew himself at the beginning of the year premiere flight to a height.

Elon Musk he wants to use Mars, as well as the Mars position, as part of the inter-planned transport announced, MHD place. With this regular line we will be able to travel from one planet into our solar system to another. You need to visit a special pavilion and wait to reach a consistent service.

Mars coordination begins to start; happening around the year 2022, when their first dedicated merchandise is gun human crew. About two years later, however, people are also involved in the process, and that means 2024 placed on the surface of their red planet; first carnivore and bone settlers.

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