Strelecký zväz ocenil najlepších za rok 2018, Barteková: Skvelá sezóna

Bratislava, November 20 (TASR) – The Shooting Slovak Republic (SSZ) has praised Tuesday for the most successful athletes for the year 2018. In the end, the Five-year Sovereign soldiers put the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Zuzana Rehák-Štefeček won the gold medal in the capture of women at the World Cup in southern China.

Rehak-Štefeček has won the title of a worldwide concert in the last team against China Siao-ting Wang. In addition, she added another gold in her combination with Eric Vargo. At the Continental Championship in Leobersdorfe in Austria, the third was added to the two pages in the race and mixed control. It also manages the world's settings. "Maybe the best time, I got a base from each race, I believe it will continue and I will have more of my seasons." said TASR Rehak-Stefacek.

His co-team, Danka Bartekova, won the gold competition at the European Championship in Skiete. "The season was excellent, I'm very happy to see a long-term Societal banner, and I have given me the same results, I've never played the World Cup in the ten highest " Bartek, who is ranked fifth in world rankings, said the best European.

The Tokyo Olympics will also feature Erik Varga the trapper, who won the World Cup. He ranked fourth in the European Championship. Varga lost the previous season for bad bad shoulders. "I'm glad I can come back." The season ended what I was doing; expecting, grateful to everyone who stood behind me, came well, after that, he was very pleased to me. " Hubert Andrzej Olejnik was part of the multi-mixed ME team that was doubled. Brass was added to the separate control of the double line.

Daniela Demjén-Pešková umha at the World Cup in the 60-rifle riflef rifle, Filip Praj was successful in the & # 39; at the Academic World Cup in Kuala Lumpur. Vladimir Jurza and Stefan Ernst won the world titles in the hunting of historic weapons.

The Soviet Union of the Soviet Union (SSZ), Miloslav Benko, is delighted with the successes, but also has the difficulties that are disturbing him. "The medals are good for us, but we also support rifle and pistol tools and we are getting better. We get good results Among young people, but the transition between adults is tough, I have questions about different things, especially in terms of the law on sport. If we are legally ejected, it's not Individual sports have the right to live, and the unions can not deliver the contracts that are donated, this is the beginning of our border, we have Entertaining fun into the office and not the sport, said the TASR union.

The most successful athletes in the Slovakian Savings Union (SSZ) for 2018:

Individuals – Olympic topics:

Zuzana Rehak-Štefečeková (ŠCP Bratislava / Brok Disciplines)
Hubert Andrzej Olejnik (ŠCP Bratislava / Brok Disciplines)
Danka Barteková (ŠCP Bratislava / Brok Disciplines)
Erik Varga (ŠCP Bratislava / Brok Disciplines)
Daniela Demjén-Pešková (ŠCP Bratislava / disciple rifle)
Filip Praj (ŠCP Bratislava / Brok Disciplines)

Individuals – Non-polygonous thoughts:

Vladimir Jurza (Danubius Domini Bratislava / Historic Arms)
Štefan Ernst (ŠSK Gajary / Historic Arms)
Daniela Andrejková (ŠSK Zvolenská Slatina / Historic Arms)


Skeetarky SR (guns) – Danka Barteková, Veronika Sýkorová, Lucia Kopčanová
trapisti SR: (shotguns) – Filip Praj, Filip Marinov, Michal Slamka
Pistoliari SR (historical weapons) – Vladimir Jurza, Daniela Andrejkova, Lajos Szalai
Pistoliari SR (historical weapons) – Vladimir Jurza, Stefan Ernst, Rudolf Nemec


Vanessa Hock (guns)
Martina Maršálková (pistol disciplines)
Marek Kostúr (dagger objects)
Štefan Šulek (rifle control)

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