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Sweden – Russia: Who moves to A-Division?

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It is anticipated that the Stockholm platform will be particularly interesting, as both teams fight for the League of Nations division. The Russians are able to win their first draw in the & # 39; board and the draw 3 points higher than the Swedes. However, Severania is a & # 39; The first one that won the success, in Russia won the point for free throwing.


As we know, the Sweaks did not have big names to MS 2018 until their fourth quarter, where they were destroyed by England. Russia suffered the same after a penal lottery with the Croats. The training held by Stanislav Čerčesov is an exception, Roman Neustädter from Fenerbahce an Turc, this time to go; rely on players from the tallest competition in Russia. Fiodor Calaov of CSKA Moscow is the cadre author, the best picture of the Russian League.

Janne Andersson, the home team coach, was very positive. Sweaks have a wonderful surprise to many internationally-known defenders, but only to play 20 matches for the national team, with only digital units for Sweden, only Pontus Jansson of Leeds United.

Viking in October made an inter-state meeting with Slovakia, culminating in 1: 1 draw. But most importantly, Tre Kronor has recently won 1-0 in the League of Nations, and Progress to Section A is still the hands. The Russians did not prepare for this important duel, in Germany they continued to pull 0-3.


Sweden - Russia.

Sweden – Russia.



Sweden – Russia 1
Number of objectives (2.5) fewer

Success will be determined by better protection. There are many innovations in the playground and especially in Swedish, we know that the success is strong, so we recommend that many games bring the game. However, the home team could be pushed back and benefited in the smallest way (product 1: 0).



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